Friday, 30 June 2017

Back @ it

You're 20's are a weird time, I've learnt this from Pinterest quotes and people surrounding me. So far I am two years into them and who would have thought so so much could change in so little time. Growing up I thought I would have my life together by 20, like marriage and houses, nope just me in my parents' house... but hey I also thought the tooth fairy was real and turned out I was wrong about both things.

I have just finished Uni (FINALLY) and I am L O S T, well not lost, but not 100% found. I didn't have a normal uni experience thanks a to a few things and I am bloody glad it's over but honestly got the t-shirt (or mortarboard) so what next. Real life? Real ADULT life????? The thought of that sends shivers through my spine. I still get ID'd to buy party poppers surely I am not able to adult. I thought that I might not be the only person in this situation and it would be nice to document the struggles and life of post-uni floating, along with other stuff.

I used to love blogging, I had a photographer boyfriend, I was a few dress sizes smaller and I has SO much free time. I was a blogging cliche and I loved it. However, alll the above has changed. I fell out of love with blogging and it's saturated world of perfection and I just did not have a loud enough voice or presence, but hey even if I am the only one that reads it, that's fine. I mean it's desperately sad but its fine (Ross Geller approved fine).

Also also, I did a tiny little re-brand of Effy's Space into A Honey Pot.  Basically, I had Effy's space for a bloody long time and it has been through some rubbish times I now want this to be a sweet place to put all my experiences and life into one place and also I bloody love bumble bees!

Hope you'll entertain the idea of my blog coming back with me for a little bit as I am rather excited about it if I do say so myself.

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