Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Numbers Vs Healthy Living

Numbers are pretty important Duh. I mean you use them everyday, you don't even realise it when you use them! But we need to stop using numbers when it comes to weight/being healthy. Throw away clothes sizes, pounds, calories out the window. You don't need them! 

Quickly want to talk about clothes sizes. I am a comfortable size 10 or M but in some shops a 14 or an XL. And I used to get all mardy and upset when I had to buy a size up. But you have to realise that every shop is different. You have to buy clothes that feel good and fit well don't no buy them because you have to size up! Also calories are so stupid! For real, normally the lowest things in calories are the highest in sugar and salt not idea if you want to be healthy
^^^ Yes yes yes. You know when you're watching football and as soon as you leave the room they score... Meaning you spend the game like a yo yo trying to do it again. Well this is like your weight. If you watch it everyday not a lot will happen, and you'll get disheartened, get upset. See the Nutella jar and eat the lot (or that's what a 'friend' did! If you weigh your self every month that will work much better as you will actually make progress!  But better than that don't use numbers. Loose weight or tone up until you feel good. Just because a model is 100 pounds means you have to be 100 pounds. Honestly, your body knows what's right and what's not. And I think that's a little bit more advanced than numbers on the screen! 
Stay healthy and happy


  1. Love the idea of this. I felt the exact same way about shopping for clothes; then I realized just because I'm a size 6 one place & a 12 another place doesn't mean I actually got bigger. Stupid numbers.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Love this. I've decided in 2015 to stop caring and counting numbers. No more counting calories or looking at the fat/sugar content. No more weighing or measuring myself, and Im going to stop worrying about what number is on the tag in my jeans or dress or bra, I just want to live.

    Emma x
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  3. Hi Eleanor, I enjoyed reading that. I hate the numbers game when it comes to weight. Two people weighing the same can be different clothes sizes and look completely different. I agree with you entirely. Just came across your blog. It's very pretty. Following now. enjoy the rest of the weekend. Laura xx x


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