Saturday, 27 December 2014

The best post christmas bath ever!!

Phew!! Christmas is gone for another year...almost. How fast has it all flown, a whirlwind of presents, food, cuddles, food food and more food. I had the best week with most wonderful family and friends. But now it's time to breath and have a good chill out. Enter THE BEST BATH EVER!


Friday, 5 December 2014

Top 3 Fashion Instagrams

From Tumblr
It is not secret that I am obsessed with Instagram. I love it and I follow A LOT of people, I thought I'd share some of my love and introduce more people to these fabulous girls! These are the accounts that I actually search and have to see (and love heart) all their photos. I was thinking about doing some more of these kinds of posts so let me know if you like them! 

Sarah Ashcroft
Okay, first off I hope you all know the blogging BABE Sarah Ashcroft, she is drop dead gorge! Not only is she pretty, has one of the most envious wardrobes in the UK, she also comes across as such a lovely girl. I can constantly making cheeky purchases because of her! She now has 187K followers and deserves everyone. Check out her blog also at That Pommie Girl

Style for Two
These Two are so cool.  Like seriously, I am jealous! They're from one of the coolest cities Amsterdam, and have such a wonderful wardrobe between them. They mix in lifestyle between fashion and thats a nice break down my favourite thing is the backgrounds in which they shoot, they're just too COOL. 35K agree with me which is pretty cool! 

Lily Melrose 
Last but not least it is non other but blogging ace  Lily Melrose. This girl is amazing not only does she have the Best UK Fashion Blog (in my opinion) but she also has found herself with the prettiest kitty whom I'd love to snuggle. She has a really casual style which makes it nice to read and peruse at your leisure. 

As I said I would love to do more 'Top 3' kind of posts or even more on Instagram.
Let me know if you like it! 


Thursday, 4 December 2014

NEXTmas Wishlist

You say Christmas and I say 'YES'. This was exactly what I did when I found out about the #nextmaswishlist competition!! Christmas has come Creeping up ever so slowly but as soon as you could open that first Advent door it has FLOWN! Here are 6 things on my Next Wishlist (online basket) - Anyone reading this getting me a present, hint hint. 

First off how cute do all these look together!! I honestly would love running down to a big pile of cream and grey things on Christmas morning! 

1) Confession, I do not own a Christmas Jumper... I feel like I've let Buddy the Elf down. This one is adorable and can see myself living in it till the 25th! 

2) This would be the prettiest gift for the shabby chic girl in your life (home decor wise of course). It is super cute and just the right size to display. I really need to invest in a Jewellery Box to save me searching in the morning!  

3) I love Next Scents, I always buy them as gifts for Birthdays and Christmas! They go down so well as they not only smell delicious but they also look so pretty on display! This Dark Orchid And Patchouli Home Fragrance Diffuser is in the prettiest bottle and I need to get my paws on it! 

4) How doesn't love a Westie! I love this little Calendar and think I need it, as honestly at Uni I don't know what day it is. Ooops! 

5) I am loving two things this season, high necks and grey. This means that this jumper is looking like my kind of heaven right now. I have no shame in saying I have already made outfits in my head with it. 

6) I have a bunting problem. It's all I want to buy!! This dream one would look so cute over a bed, making sure to keep those nightmares away! 

Next always have lovely bits in home and clothes wise and I love their decor for Christmas, so cosy! It is well worth a visit! 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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