Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Room Inspo #8: Wall Collage

It's back! Ages and ages ago I used to be one post on room inspo every single Wednesday and it was honestly one of my favourite things to write and it seems to be one of your favourite things to read! So as of now, every Wednesday I will battle through Uni work and the likes to get a room inspo up on here.

So if your anything like me you are a Pintrest NERD! Like balls to the walls crazy lady obsessed. I hope we're in the same boat! Well a wall collage is basically the home decor version of Pintrest. Have a load of cool quotes, pictures or sayings and you can arrange them round your room, house... palace? Perfect.

Photos Taken from Pintrest 

This is something that can be really expensive or really affordable! All you need is photos and blue tac, or lots of frames and you're good to go - it's that easy! You can arrange them how you like, put in photos you like, its so personal and add a lovely touch to a wall that may have been blank! I love it!!

If you have done something like this be sure to show me! 


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