Thursday, 6 November 2014

10 Ways to Make Your Day Happier

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Hey You, Happy Thursday AKA the hardest day of the week, I can feel you Friday. If there is one thing that makes me happy its other people being happy, so my mission is to make sure you all have the most fabulous day! Quick, quirky points to make your day as good as it could/should be!

1. Surround yourself with the best people - I'm talking people that would stick with you if you went crazy and robbed a bank. Leave the negative nelleys for another day, or NEVER. No one likes a party pooper. Even if it's talking to friends on the phone or texting just make sure they are near.

2. Spontaneity - Fact; this is my favourite quality in the world. I think thats why I love my boyfriend so much. I love just looking at someone and deciding you want to do something. Want to go to the beach go, want to go to paris go. Plans are boring.

3. Be Present - It's so easy to live in the past worrying if you could have done something better, or worry about the future, what you need to do. Slow it right down, just be in the  moment, take pictures and live it.

4. Make Things Happen - I'm bad for knowing what I want to do but being really un-proactive about it, so sit down work out what you need to do and start doing it. No excuses, no putting it off.

5. Watch a Documentary - I am a Documentary Junkie, I serial watch them. But you know how refreshing it is to learn new stuff?! Like right now I'm really knowledgable on Alaskan Grizzly Bears, and I'm enjoying it very much!

6. Look Good - Yes, I said it vanity makes the world go round. Put on some red lipstick, smokey eyes and killer boots. Go out and break some hearts.

7. Turn on Old Music - No I'm not talking last years Macklemore, I'm talking 'It's Britney Bitch', the 2000 classics that were at School discos. To get you started... Air Hostess I like the way you......

8. Get Weird - Dance with your dog, sing wicked whilst making Pasta, make up a dance routine in the shower. NOTE: USE PEOPLE FROM POINT ONE TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER. 

9. Smile - Smile at everything and anyone (don't be a creeper though), you know how fab it is when you smile at a stranger and they smile back, fussy feeling.

10. Relax - I am actually rather skilled in this department I have no problems getting on a face mask and plunging into a bubble bath, but some people don't do it and you NEED to. It's not healthy being constantly hunched over a laptop, just sink into the bubbles. Lovely. Rosè also advised.

Hope these put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. Pinky promise you'll have the best day ever tomorrow? Let me below if you have any happy little things. Also Tay Swifts Album...AMAZE


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Room Inspo #8: Wall Collage

It's back! Ages and ages ago I used to be one post on room inspo every single Wednesday and it was honestly one of my favourite things to write and it seems to be one of your favourite things to read! So as of now, every Wednesday I will battle through Uni work and the likes to get a room inspo up on here.

So if your anything like me you are a Pintrest NERD! Like balls to the walls crazy lady obsessed. I hope we're in the same boat! Well a wall collage is basically the home decor version of Pintrest. Have a load of cool quotes, pictures or sayings and you can arrange them round your room, house... palace? Perfect.

Photos Taken from Pintrest 

This is something that can be really expensive or really affordable! All you need is photos and blue tac, or lots of frames and you're good to go - it's that easy! You can arrange them how you like, put in photos you like, its so personal and add a lovely touch to a wall that may have been blank! I love it!!

If you have done something like this be sure to show me! 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things: Autumn

Autumn has come and gone in a whirlwind, literally. The leaves feel far to fast, the pumpkins were sold far to fast and November came far too fast. Time to get your big coats out and stand guard ready for winter. But never the less, I did have a damn good autumn.

Delamere - By Scott Charlesworth Aka Boyfriend photographer extraordinaire  

My favourite thing about Autumn is being outside. Getting wrapped up, big coats, scarfs and boots. Going on a long walk with no destination in mind; just you and the people you love on a hunt for adventure. The satisfaction of hearing the crisp leaves crunch and running through puddles with a pleasing squelch. Dodging the rain showers, holding on to your hat in the gales and not being sure which layer of clothing to take off in that awkward afternoon sun that is neither too hot nor too cold. The Smell of people starting to turn on their chimneys mixing with wet leaves. Dogs getting muddy and horses proudly standing in their winter coats. The marathon rush back into the warmth for a hot chocolate or even a pumpkin spiced Latte, if you're lucky of course. The excuse to snuggle up to your favourite person because your cold, wrapped in a mountain of blankets with rubbish TV on. And not to mention the mandatory 'I braved the cold nap'. My Favourite.  

This wonderful competition is run by Skye cottages if you would like to enter Sykes Cottages competition to win £400 worth of John Lewis vouchers then simply head to HERE. Hope you enjoyed my autumn favourite. 


Monday, 3 November 2014

In the Studio with Harrods: Matthew Williamson

Naturally, like any Fashion lover  I love to nosey around designers studios, especially when it comes to British Icon Matthew Williamson. Matthew has teamed up with Harrods for their in the studio campaign.  He has honestly been one of my favourite designers since I was young, gob smacked at the effortless designs he could make. Matthew himself explains “My brand is born out of a passion for creating beautiful things. As a designer you're constantly looking around for new ideas.” 


Through the films you get a  fly on the wall feel. Moving throughout the stages from initial ideas, mood boards, picking fabric, creating silhouettes, right up until the moments the designs are done and ready to be sold to the bohemian jet-setter clientele. Matthew has always been very clear in his brand and offers the advise “To someone starting out in the fashion industry is to have a really clear vision and confidence and sense of your own design aesthetic. You have to believe in it - if you don't I doubt
anyone else will.

Matthews Muse and Artistic Director, Georgia MacIntrye explains working with Matthew “It's exciting to be part of a brand that's 16 years-old and such a big part of the British fashion scene. Seeing it change and the industry change with it has been amazing. It's so important to nurture talent." I think the way to nurture talent is to expand ones knowledge, and the Harrods in the Studio is an exciting way to learn more about the ins and outs of a real well known designer. Whether you're an aspiring designer or just a lovely of fashion, it is a really lovely film to watch. 

To see the full film and see more behind the scenes, visit Harrods for Inside the Studio.
In collaboration with Harrods
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