Friday, 10 October 2014

Start Autumn through Instagram

If there is one thing that excited me most is the weather turning cold. I love the colder months, bring on fur coats and honey comb hot chocolate. My instagram has been taken over with warm autumn colours and leaves on the ground. I thought I'd give you and insight in to what I have been up to at the start of the colder months, lovely!

1. Went to the last Luna Cinema Event of the year in Lincoln, it was the best! Recommend! 

2. Still trying to get away with no tights, I was an idiot and I was freezing. New boots though!

3. First hot drink of the colder months, Hot Choc with caramel, lush!! 

4. Showing off in my directors chair! They are the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on!

5. Getting Cosy in my new uni room! I love it! 

6. Treated myself to this months Tatler, it looks to pretty to read! 

7. My lovely Uni town. Lincoln looks so much better when it's cold! 

8. Wore my hair up going out, it was momentous and needed a selfie. In love with misguided dress!! 

If you're not following me already my instagram is 


I hope to see you over there soon! 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Top 5 River Island Winter Picks Under £30

My student budget is not covering my dream of having a Blair Waldorf autumn style wardrobe. Yes I want a coat in every colour please, and I would not mind chuck bass! This is a little collection of stuff that I would love to get my mitts on for the A/W, seriously lusting after that hat! 

1. Shorts - £30 
2. Leggings - £25
3.  Chelsea Dress - £28
4. Black Pom Pom Hat - £10  

Okay number 5 is a total cheat but you can squeeze £8 pounds out of your piggy bank! Or a little cheat I have found is buying River Island online is better because you can use student discount and get some money off! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it let your purse breath a little easier. Excuse me now I'm going to binge watch Gossip Girl and dream of the perfect New York wardrobe. 

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