Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Relationships are like Venn Diagrams

I have moments of clarity at silly O'clock normally when texting my best friends, lucky them! Recently I was thinking about relationships, I was thinking about give and take. I feel like sometimes I try and take too much, yes you deserve time and attention, but hey they have a life too. Enter the Venn Diagram.

Geeking out because this is the first time I have used one these things since primary school - but back too the theory. 


Lets go back before each other you had your own hobbies, interests and friends, and that is fine! You can admit you were still happy without this person, although you're happier with them of course. So when you come together you become two people, but you shouldn't loose yourself. Who knows if this love is the notebook kind of love or Kim K & Chris H?! You don't want to loose yourself when you loose the person (sorry to be a pessimist). The Venn Diagram shows that  you have your space they have their space but you still come together. You still have things that are yours together, all those beautiful memories at the beach or that song that puts a smile on your face because it's yours. 

This is just some advise that I think is a good way to have a healthy relationship and not loose yourself. If you think it's a loads of crap I am sorry but this has helped me! 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Winter Coat Wishlist

I am passionate about many things; like I passionately believe old people should never eat alone and I am passionate about taking as many pictures as you can in the moment. But this time of the year all that goes out the window, I am blinkered on to my biggest passion. Winter. Coats. Is there anything more wonderful than finding the perfect winter coat and buddying up to become a team against all elements. Yes I know. Crazy Coat Lady.  Here are my top 3, I am into beige and neutral this winter so bare that in mind.

1 // This Zara number is my winter coat. I am a massive lover of fur (faux of course) I think it's lovely and adds so much to an outfit. And honestly it makes me feel like a character off made in chels and there is't anything wrong with that. It is super comfy and snuggly and I can't wait to never take it off!

2 // I normally am a Topshop coat girl through and through and they are some of my favourite coats in my wardrobe. This one I like because it is super unique, unlike a certain pastel coats I am seeing everywhere. It is a boyfriend fit so it can be dressed up or down with jeans it's perfect.

3 //  Two words. Burberry. Mac. This mac is iconic, it's basically if England needed a winter coat they would chose this one. Its beautiful and should be on every single wish list. The tailoring and finishing is perfection and if I didn't need food and water at uni my student loan would have 100 percent gone on this.

So if you like coats and beige you should have loved this post... Sorry if this is a super boring wish list. I feel like an old woman showing you beige coats. I promise they're all super lovely in person. Hope I have better posts on the way! 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Introduction: James Bay

Okay, hold my hands up. I owe this all to people I know going to see Tom Odell (who was apparently very good live) and stumbled upon this utter Gem - James bay. He was casually handing out free CDs and now he's playing on Radio One Live lounge, in the space of what... 6 months incredible.

James Bay is one of those people who is effortlessly cool. Hair falling around his face, hat slung on head and an easy smile to boot. Something I honestly envy. Not only is James' music one of the freshest things to come out for along time but it also seems, music has found the most humble down to earth people. Which must be hard to be when he has fans in big places like none other than Fern Cotton. He takes it in his own stride with a plenty of thanks you's sent out on twitter. Lovely.

Now his music. Have you ever listened to a song and wondered how the heck that artist got into you head, read your thoughts, wrote it down and put a melody to it? That's what he does. He hits a cord. You might feel alone with your feeling but James shows you that everyone deals with the same shit. When I first got into James Bay, I was honestly having a shit time and he released 'Let it go'. A song talking about love loss. His words were so powerful and honest that he made me feel better, I wasn't alone. I had my own life to cope with and thats a beautiful message for an artist to get across to anyone.

His lyrics are a small part of the utter genius that is James Bay. His guitar playing is breath taking. A man and his guitar how music was meant to be. He may be a humble soul, but his voice has to power to take on popular songs and just stamp his mark on them. It's inspiring to see someone not singing about sex and drug and singing about real feelings that us humans do a wonderful job of keeping them hid inside oursleves.

I think this stylish old soul is the next big thing and wouldn't be surprised if some of the artists he once supported started supporting him. I wish him every success as he truly deserves it.

Here is my favourite song: Let it go
More songs on Sound Cloud:  Here
Buy on Itunes: Here  
Go and see him: Here (I'll be in Manchester)


Monday, 22 September 2014

Being Happy

Being happy should be the most natural thing in the world, like breathing or fancying the pants off Harry Styles. But, sometimes you wake up or you see something and get sad and thats okay too, its not ideal but it's okay, it's life. The added pressure I have of being away from home sometimes makes it worse, so I feel I have the authority and knowledge to compile a list some temporarily fixes that really help me, I hope they help you. 

1 // Tea lots and lots of tea. A very wise man aka my Grandad once told me 'Tea makes everything better' - and he was right. I don't know if it's comforting knowing your using a little tip from someone special or if you are getting a lovely, sugary hug from the inside. Twinings English Breakfast, very milky, two sugars is my all time favourite!

2 // Talk to someone, anyone. Yes I know we all have those 'don't talk or look at me moods' but honestly a chat from your best friend can perk up your day by miles. I know when I ring my best friend, I'll be laughing within seconds of the phone call beginning. Best friends are there to support you so USE them. It's their honour and duty. (Also mums work wonder too)

3 // I always find the easiest way to be a little perkier is by keeping yourself busy, like fully jumping head first into something, mine is normally baking. This way you forget what you were upset about in the first place for at least a few hours and by that time it's probably not that big of a deal anyway and you're over it.

4 // Films. I save my all time favourite films for two occisions, when I'm ill and when I'm sad. I would gladly watch them all day everyday but that would ruin them. Saving them keeps them special then they make you really happy, because you forgot how much Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks should be together in real life. My favourite film is 'You've got mail', it makes the sickest or grimmest days happy.

5 // Pets. Okay I am a crazy poodle lady, or pug lady when I am at my boyfriends. These guys are the real joy makers. If you aren't happy looking at your little puppy or kitty or whatever fury (scaly, fishy, sticky) friend you have, you really are not happy. Just trust me a hug from a poodle can mend thousands of broken hearts. If you don't have a fury friend here is an alternative - Virtual Poodle!

I hope my little tips of happiness make you smile. I know that they won't fix anything but they will help it be easier for a little while! You should remember that whatever is making you unhappy can be changed. It  might be hard, it might be easy. But do it. Make yourself happy, it's no one else's job! 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Holiday Blues

Well I have been one busy bee this past month! It is only the 20th and I have managed to squeeze in a holiday, with my lovely boyfriend and his wonderful parents and got to uni settled in and completed freshers round 2! All I have to show for it is a faded tan and a sore throat.. and shed loads of instagram photos. My holiday was so gorgeous and such a lovely break, the heat made it almost impossible to do anything but sit on a sun bed all day... if I must!  Here is the holiday from my phones point of view.

 / Flying above the Clouds / Beach bag at the ready from Zara / This view?! /

/ Palm Tree and Me / Such a lucky lady with this one / polaroids are my favourite /
/ Such a happy holiday / Moody Ballerina - Last night / Homeward bound /

Holidays are my favourite, especially when I get to spend it with some of my favourite people!I like getting to know people better on holiday and making a shed loads of memories. For example I'll never be able to listen to yacht music without chuckling!!! Holiday like this are a kick up the arse to stop worrying over little things and start living in the moment with people you wouldn't change for the world! 

 If you want to see more about our holiday / Scotts all round amazing photography, go to scottcharlesworthphotography.tumblr.com (P.S He has just come back from the most amazing road trip and his pictures are bloody flawless! Tell me if you like them in the comments)

Also Follow us both on twitter for more 

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