Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Face Favourites: Bases

An old proverb states 'One will never be satisfied with their own foundation and will have to beg borrow and steal every single one until happy' or something like that! I struggle with foundations, I want a light foundation with coverage... hmmm #firstworldproblems! But, light at the end of the tunnel I have been loving my current face base, including the perfect concealer duo!

So foundation first, I have never used any smash box before, boy I have wanted to but just couldn't decide that I wanted. I bit the bullet and went for this 'Liquid Halo', very very sheer! It has been gorgeous for summer, with freckles still peaking though! This shade is 1, which is a little bit too yellow for me but blended out with bronzer on top it is perfect! It has SPF in it which is a bonus for any of you late holiday bunnies like me, and is oil free, so wont slide off your face. As always, I use a Real Techniques buffing brush - so so perfect for liquid foundation, I have never had a brush that does a better job!

Okay on to the real deal, this concealer duo! I have been a fan of wake me up for a while now, as the finish is just enough, I found the infamous Collection 2000 to get a little too cake-y for my liking! This is perfect balance of sheer and covered! But some days, where little to 0 sleep has been happening, I have been going to an old fave of mine! No7's stick concealer, this is heavy duty stuff, it's literally a 12 hour sleep in a tube! This is going to my little god send when I go back to uni!

Another massive thank you for sticking with my blog through my absence and reading the first post of a new blog era! Hopefully there will be more to come!



  1. I've never tried the no7 concealer before but it sounds I know what I'm going to spend my next money off voucher on haha :)


  2. Officially a fan of your blog. Love the honesty and photography, looking forward to your next post! :)

  3. Such a lovely comment, thank you so much xx

  4. It's so so amaze! Oh lord I get them so much and then forget about them!! xx

  5. I love Real Techniques brushes. They just apply every product beautifully.

  6. I've been after that brush for ages now! I think I may have finally convinced my mum to get it for me as a special present hahahah! xx

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