Monday, 25 August 2014

Primark Pjs: Unicorn Love

I'm going to let you into one of my guilty pleasures, Primark sleep wear. Yes, I cannot get enough. It has got so bad that my boyfriend has banned me from buying anymore slippers!! The shame. However the other day I sneaked this beauty that I had to share with you!!! In life there are three things that I love, sleepwear check, unicorns check, slogan check. Oh hey, I have found perfection in a small bundle of Primark joy! (Insert love heart emoji)

I honest don't know how to type about them or express my love apart from  shouting 'LOOK AT THEM'. A perfect dosage of cute and subtle sleep wear. I honestly am so excited to sleep in them - I feel like I'll have my greatest dreams in them - hopefully about Ryan Gosling and unicorns. I cannot wait to run round uni with my unicorn bottoms!

The quality is really good, the top looks sturdy and the to stitching doesn't look like it will go anywhere, and the shorts are so so soft and the little pink lace detail at the bottom is the final straw. You must get these! I forgot the best bit, they cost me 8 english pounds... thats it! In Topshop they would be 80!

Okay I feel like I have ranted and raved too much about unicorns on such a mature blog such as my own - not. Hope you sleep tight tonight lovelies! 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Introduction: Catfish and The Bottlemen

I am nineteen now and still my little brain hasn't quite gotten the idea of 'like'. By this I mean I either love something or hate something, there is no in between. When it comes to music this becomes more apparent than ever. But whilst at a festival (Y Not) I found a love, during a horrific down pour, my ears met with one of the best bands I've heard in a long time. 


Catfish and The Bottlemen, leave a lasting impression not just because of there unusual name, but because of there raw indie-rock that hasn't been heard in a long time. It's almost like it's effortless for them and that is something refreshing after so many try-hard hipster bands are in the market. They are probably the best thing to come out of Llandudno since.. well ever!

They don't have the most extensive discography, but they don't need it. Each song delivers what is to expected from a top class band and none fail to go under the radar. 'Fallout' appears to be the most popular, with perfect vocals and lyrics that won't easily leave your head. This is the song is an example of them stripping the indie genre back from beards and snapback and shows it in its purist form. Strong guitar throughout, none stop drumming, all you need to make a brilliant track. Listening them it's like they're saying fuck it to the industry this is them and they won't change for a label or for fashion. Thats respectable and how all bands should be. 

Also side note, when I saw them live, they were so so humble, a band that say's 'Thank you' a mythical creature theses days. It's nice to see a band getting all the recognition they deserve and being so grateful for it. Lovely lovely lads! 

I'd start off by listening to Cacoon, as it is my personal favourite, move onto to Fallout, Kathleen, Homesick and end with Rango. Then simply repeat, they have been play in my car since. I have my ticket to see them in Liverpool already!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Re-Styling Demin Shorts for Autumn

It has started to become very apparent that it is no longer summer! But I refuse just yet say good bye to summer clothes, in particular a little pair of shorts, the perfect pair of shorts! I only found them about a month ago - that is not enough time together! I refuse! So I have done a little post on how I would style up these little beauties for the cooler months ahead. (Note: I would begrudgingly put tights with these but with a very stroppy face!)

Look One
There is nothing I love more than thick patterned T-Shirts,  they are my one true love! Especially when they have a baseball sleeve! These are so so so perfect to have in, not only do they go with my shorts they go with jeans/shirts of any colour, tucked in, tucked out, its so versatile! I add a little bit of gold with this necklace. And everyone knows a chunky necklace finishes an outfit!

Look 2
This is my favourite, you cannot go wrong with a netted jumper. They are cosy but still show some skin to show you are not ready to bid good day to the sun yet! This is a perfect back to school look, looks effortless chic - Which is what we all want! Also my go to colder sent is lady million, it smells so warm and cosy. Bye bye Floral scents!

Look 3
Nothing says 'it's getting colder' than the addition of red tartan! I have become obessed with these gems, tucking them in, leaving them up buttoned, chucking it around your waist, I lived in it at the festival I went too! I think I'll live in it in the colder months too! It is a perfect extra layer to cheap to cosy!

So troops, hot chocolates at the ready winter is coming (totes misquote of Game of Thrones) Let me know how you would style summer stuff! I would love to see!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Face Favourites: Bases

An old proverb states 'One will never be satisfied with their own foundation and will have to beg borrow and steal every single one until happy' or something like that! I struggle with foundations, I want a light foundation with coverage... hmmm #firstworldproblems! But, light at the end of the tunnel I have been loving my current face base, including the perfect concealer duo!

So foundation first, I have never used any smash box before, boy I have wanted to but just couldn't decide that I wanted. I bit the bullet and went for this 'Liquid Halo', very very sheer! It has been gorgeous for summer, with freckles still peaking though! This shade is 1, which is a little bit too yellow for me but blended out with bronzer on top it is perfect! It has SPF in it which is a bonus for any of you late holiday bunnies like me, and is oil free, so wont slide off your face. As always, I use a Real Techniques buffing brush - so so perfect for liquid foundation, I have never had a brush that does a better job!

Okay on to the real deal, this concealer duo! I have been a fan of wake me up for a while now, as the finish is just enough, I found the infamous Collection 2000 to get a little too cake-y for my liking! This is perfect balance of sheer and covered! But some days, where little to 0 sleep has been happening, I have been going to an old fave of mine! No7's stick concealer, this is heavy duty stuff, it's literally a 12 hour sleep in a tube! This is going to my little god send when I go back to uni!

Another massive thank you for sticking with my blog through my absence and reading the first post of a new blog era! Hopefully there will be more to come!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Over - I'm Back

I seem to have forgotten how to start my blog posts it has been that long! Apologies on that front, I just got way too busy, life happened. So instead of letting my blog suffer, I thought it would be kinder to have a summer holiday! I am back with a little re-vamp, and this will hopefully not need a tidy up in a long long time - currently loving my logo eep!  

I've missed have missed blogging! I am hopefully going back into posting things for you ASAP (hopefully new things tomorrow) I am going to try to be posting Sunday - Thursday (I was not made everyday blogging phew) but at first there might be a little longer between posts or maybe a week of posts to say sorry?! 

Hope you have all had a fabulous summer, do tell me what you've been up too in the comments! Thank you for sticking with me through my 'holiday period' - bad blogger bad! 

Edit: There is new stuff tomorrow, so please keep your eyes peeled! 
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