Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Favourites

May is my favourite month of the year, mainly because it is my birthday! This month has been amazing, I have done so many fun things and even finished for uni! Phewwwww, no wonder I am so sleepy! 

I have condensed it down to 5 favourites, but honestly I could have a list of about 50! May has been a good month for favourite! 

1. Zara Sunglasses - I am obsessed with everything white at the moment! I think is so chic and effortless, these white sunglasses add a nice touch to any outfit whether it be causal or a garden party! They make me feel like I am in MIC and thats always a plus! Yah! 

2. Cath Kidson Ticket Holder - Am I the lamest that I have this handy ticket holder?! I feel like the past few months I have just been spent on a train. I've been back and to to Falmouth and then to London, with a few trips to Manchester and Liverpool! This has saved me so many times, my bag is a black hole so this makes me feel more organised! 

3. Rimmel Lip Liner - I have been wearing pink/nude lips all month. I have found this neutral pink shade goes perfect under most pink lipstick! It is even lovely one its own! One problem is that there is not enough of it! 

4. Beauty Uk Baked Blush - I have worn this everyday of May! It is beautiful, it gives a nice highlight on your cheeks but no too shiny! Works so nice with a bronzer with it as it has a bronzy under tone, I am going to do a more in depth review on it soon!! 

5. Of course my birthday would have to be one of my favourites (and this cute little keyring!) I got so many lovely gifts and had a lovely day with my family! Birthdays are my favourite whether my own or someone else's! They make me so happy!! - A massive thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! 

Hope you enjoyed my first ever favourites! Have a lovely evening 




  1. I love ticket holders! I didn't use one for ages and then my oyster snapped in half so now I use one all the time x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Great favs! Your Zara sunglasses are amazing! I love Beauty UK their products are amazing!
    Sophie Jenner
    My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

  3. I love the sunglasses and the cute ticket holder!

    Jenny xx


  4. The sunglasses are really nice and have a lovely vintage look, the tick holder is really cute.

    Gaby x


  5. Kimberly Nelms16 June 2014 at 23:45

    Those Glasses are so cute!



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