Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Must Haves

The weather in England has been well and truly beautiful for a good few weeks and have firmly put into summer gear now - I think it will be a shock to the system when all this lovely weather comes to and end!

So I have finally made my summer must have list - I whittled it down to solid 6! These are my favourite things of summer!

+ Summer I am all about simple, what ever you can cut down or de clutter do it! Apart from sunglasses, if you're going to hide those pretty eyes, you have to wear a bloody good consolation! I say the bigger the better, hide those dark circles for one yes! These Topshop ones are my fave - Here 

+ All white everything. Yes I'll say it, white is the new black! I mean serious, anything that is white is perfect for hot weather, not only does it make you look more tanned, it is cooler so you don't have any hot flushes! I am also OBSESSED with halters - but please put cream on no one wants a funky tan line! Forever 21 do an amazing one - Here

+ As soon as chunky sandals came into to fashion, I was hooked! They are perfect - Simple, but still adds something to an outfit! I love anything that makes you walk taller! These River Island ones can take you from pool to part easy! - Here

+ My number one rule of summer is fake it! No one wants to spend summer waiting to get tanned, you want to be out going on adventures and making memories! So fake it! This Rimmel one is fool proof I have used it for years and I love it! - Here

+ Bronzed skin glowing skin and nude lips, is my go to summer look. Simple and polished, in the words of bey you want the 'wake up flawless' look! Topshop Pillow talk is the best one for this! I am in love I find it so hard to find nudey pinks and this is gorg! - Here

+ Last but not least, dainty details. I think you can go two ways in summer, lots of rings and necklaces or little! There is no in-between - I have had my eye on this daisy ring for months is super pretty and my favourite flower - Here 

Phew! There we have it my summer must haves - if you have anything you have to have please tell me in the comments below!

xx E


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Updates + Exciting News

Oh my Gwardddd! I am such a bad blogger - for real! I abandoned ship for a little while well I am back!

For good, no excuses!

I have really missed my little part of the giant world wide web! Hopefully you will all forgive me for the few weeks i've been a bit hot and cold with the blog! I have been seriously busy - kinda! I started a lil job helping my dad in work, which I have been spending most days at, and as one who is not used to getting up at a normal time and working 9 - 5! I have crashed at night time - Dolly Parton eat your heart out! Also my favourite boy came home from Cornwall so I have been trying to spend time with him, which is super lovely and so nice to have him back 20 minutes away instead of 6 hours! So there is my super poor excuse to why I was such a bad bogger - ooops!


Exciting news, I will start updating everyday with new and hopefully exciting content (fingers crossed), Scott being home also means I will have a super duper photographers help now! I have lots and lots of ideas in my head that I cannot wait to show you all! Also a few new features that I am super excited and loving in my head right now! I am currently having a mess around with my layput to try and get it to look and work amazing for you! Plus I will also be telling you my teapig winner tomorrow yay! It is all go in Effys Space!

Lots of Love

Alsoalsoalso.... I would like more thoughts and feedback on my blog so if you could fill out this short form here, comment below when done and I will be doing a secret giveaway for all those who answer! Shhhhhh!


Monday, 16 June 2014

What the EFF is skinny fat!?

I kept hear this phase go round and round and I just ignored it as some health fad that will probably fade! Nuh uh! This is the real deal, the golden nugget! Skinny Fat is serious! 

I was reading about it one day and suddenly it dawned I was skinny fat - Gasp! So let me get you up to date on the skinny fat deats! Skinny Fat is where you have a normal BMI but a large amount of fat percentage in your body, meaning you look skinny but when touched hands go on fat before they go on muscle! Totally not cool! I always moan about this and people are like oh no your skinny stop thinking like that! I mean thank you but I really needed this wake up call! Just because someone is slim doesn't mean they're healthy- far from it! 

I know I'm one of those lucky people where I can eat and eat and eat and not really put that much weight on, this has changed over the years and blooooody hell its a shocker.  You eat crap, you feel crap, you start to look - not what any one eat! 

I was trawling the internet to find out how I get myself out of the skinny fat club - surprise surprise there is one - eat well - drink well - exersise well. Health is not rocket science! 

So good by Skinny Fat summer, hello healthy toned holiday! 

If you have any questions on this be sure to let me know below! 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope you all spend some quality time with your dads today if you are luck to be with him! If you are not I send my thoughts and wish you still a very happy sunday! Whether with or without, I hope you have a beautiful day full of happiness and smiles! 

'A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be'

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! 



Saturday, 14 June 2014

How to Survive the World Cup As a Football Widow

I am officially a widow. I'm a football widow for the next month!

 If you are on of the unfortunate ones who doesn't live under a rock, you will no doubt know the world cup is upon us! DO not get me wrong I love things like this, but girls you have to face it till the 13th of June you will struggle to get your mans attention - I am counting down! I also think 3 matches a day is a bit excessive! You can see FIFA is run by men EY! So I have come up with the perfect guide to survive the World Cup, with out the man shape being with you!!

+ Shove a face mask on
Finally time to put the scariest looking mask (I'm looking at you sheet masks) on without anyone needing counselling after seeing you!

+ Widows Night out
Get your girls together, get in your 4 - 4 -2 formation and throw some free kicks on the dance floor! - I clearly have no clue about football!

+ Watch the Players Match
Football is a cultural experience that should be shared! I am really looking forward to watching France I must say!

+ Coincidentally wear your prettiest underwear
Ooops!! I forgot these were your favourite babe! - THIS IS FOR DESPERATE TIMES ONLY

+ Face facts
This comes every four years, let him have his fun! I am sure you have dragged him around Boots enough times for him to have a month in! So get the beers in and make his as happy as Larry!

Good Luck to girls everywhere, I salute you - We are the real Heros during the world cup!!


Sunday, 8 June 2014


I'm Eleanor Fearnley and I am an over-thinker.

Not just like I sit and think about for something for a while, I mean I sit and analysis every single thing until I find something to think about more, maybe for months. Unhealthy right?! I do it so often that I drive my mum and boyfriend mad, they tell me that everything is fine, I don't believe them. I make myself think that something must be wrong it can't be perfect!

Recently I have been doing some thinking - SURPRISE! And it hit me. What if everything is good? I'm the one making it bad. Everything is going so well and I am the one ruining it! I needed to find a way to stay in a positive mindset and stop dwelling on tiny details that won't matter in a few weeks or even a few days! So I came up with a five step guide to stop over-thinkng taking over your life.

These small steps will make a big change to the way you think and the way you act! You don't have to over-think. The people that don't are probably much happier and have less worries!

I hope you try these steps and find them helpful!



Saturday, 7 June 2014

Room Inspo #7: Clothes Rail

Don't even get me started on my love on clothes rack! The chicest thing I ever did lay my eyes on, they're so effortless but can make a room look so cool and put together! I like clothes rails that are full with seasonal essentials - in winter I like to see them full with fur, hats, jumpers and in summer I like denim shorts, flower crowns and kimonos! You can change your room for the season - PERFECT! 

It is like waking up everyday and shopping what you have in your closet! Shopping without spending money, oh hey heaven! They are really affordable, I just bought a beautiful one from ebay for under £25! I have seen them all over the place for really good prices! So it is a cheap way to make your room look a little bit chic! I love when people put fairy lights or flower garlands round them! I love love love them!! ( lamest thing to love - I need to go to home decor rehab ) 

Hope you had a good saturday! 



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

review | flamingo in a teacup

Okay, let me begin by saying if how fabulous is the name of this shop? Bravo! That alone had me sold on the shop, the quality and loveliness of the products were a huge bonus! I am seriously impressed with this shop and I am so glad I can share it with you! 

Amanda was nice enough to send me a few samples to review, I was given a beautiful teacup brooch and this amazing necklace. I mean come on? It is adorable. The store marries my three favourite things, shabby chicness, vintage and of course tea! I am a great believer that where there is tea, there is hope, so I will enjoy wearing this and remind myself that everyday! 

The quality of the necklace is lovely, the chain isn't too flimsy so wont break and the charm cute and the purple bead really looks beautiful, I am a sucker for a pop of colour on jewellery! The brooch is so kitsch, and made of really nice material! I think this would look perfect on a plain winter coat to add a pop of colour on it! 

I think these two items would be amazing as gift, if you know a vintage lover, they are really affordable!  There is so much choice in the shop, rings, hair pins earrings. You can really see how much effort and love that is put into this shop! Which is always nice to see!  

If you love this as much as I do find the shop here - 

* I have been sent these but all opinions are my own * 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May Favourites

May is my favourite month of the year, mainly because it is my birthday! This month has been amazing, I have done so many fun things and even finished for uni! Phewwwww, no wonder I am so sleepy! 

I have condensed it down to 5 favourites, but honestly I could have a list of about 50! May has been a good month for favourite! 

1. Zara Sunglasses - I am obsessed with everything white at the moment! I think is so chic and effortless, these white sunglasses add a nice touch to any outfit whether it be causal or a garden party! They make me feel like I am in MIC and thats always a plus! Yah! 

2. Cath Kidson Ticket Holder - Am I the lamest that I have this handy ticket holder?! I feel like the past few months I have just been spent on a train. I've been back and to to Falmouth and then to London, with a few trips to Manchester and Liverpool! This has saved me so many times, my bag is a black hole so this makes me feel more organised! 

3. Rimmel Lip Liner - I have been wearing pink/nude lips all month. I have found this neutral pink shade goes perfect under most pink lipstick! It is even lovely one its own! One problem is that there is not enough of it! 

4. Beauty Uk Baked Blush - I have worn this everyday of May! It is beautiful, it gives a nice highlight on your cheeks but no too shiny! Works so nice with a bronzer with it as it has a bronzy under tone, I am going to do a more in depth review on it soon!! 

5. Of course my birthday would have to be one of my favourites (and this cute little keyring!) I got so many lovely gifts and had a lovely day with my family! Birthdays are my favourite whether my own or someone else's! They make me so happy!! - A massive thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! 

Hope you enjoyed my first ever favourites! Have a lovely evening 



Monday, 2 June 2014

What's in my Party Bag...

I feel like when I say party bag, it still means that bag of chocolate and toys you used to get after parties when you were little, at what age did they stop? Or more to the point why did they stop?! Sorry to disappoint but this is simply, what is in my bag when I go to a party. My day to day bag has everything in it, I'm talking emergency car air freshener to concert tickets that I used in february, so when I go to a party, I want to keep things to a minimum. 

My bag is from accessorize, I am head over heels for it. Having a photographer boyfriend, it is perfect for me to have a little camera too!  Also don't even get me start on the fun you can have with pretending its a camera!! It is on the small side but does fit everything that you need, if you are an over packer like me I think it is good to have a smaller bag so you don't feel the need to pack more in (because you literally can't) ! 

As you can see it fits in all my things nice and snug so nothing is going to move about or fall out. The only problem I find with this bag is the clasp is hard to close, but everything being packed tight means nothing is going to fall out! This also not including my phone, but I normally hold that or just slide it down the side of my bag!

Okay so I have 6 must haves in my bag! - which I think is just enough and you have everything you need to feel nice throughout the night. Okay so necessity's for going out are: your purse - I always use a tiny coin purse as I feel it is safer than a huge one, hair band - if you don't need it someone will, just incase things get a bit hot or you change your mind and gum - no one wants to talk to smelly breath, just make sure you open in secret and chew discreetly, or you will be mauled for one! My other must have in my bag, are which ever lipstick I am wearing that night (this my new gorgeous YSL, I'm in love), concealer - just in case your make up moves or you have a pesky spot that needs constant covering, been there, and of course spray - no one wants a stinky party guest!! 

Hope you enjoyed this Whats in my Bag type post! I love them because I am the nosiest.. ooops! 


P.S Voting for cosmos blog awards ends at 12, I would love to be considered 'Best Life Style Blog' HERE - See Full Post Here - Thank you!!!! 

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