Friday, 30 May 2014

Moving on - Rimmel Wake me up Concealer

Okay, I'll admit it I am cheating on someone or more like something. I have been a Collection concealer girl, since urm forever. I could have wrote endless tales on how it has saved my bad face days, and how it makes me look like I actually have slept after a night out. But you know what, I got the itch. The packaging was annoying me, it rubbed off so easy and made it look cheap. Then it seemed to dry out really quickly and run out like that! 

So whilst I was in Falmouth with Scott, I needed to buy another concealer. I waltz into boot ready to get ye old trusty, but I just didn't. I went to this beauty... I have never used anything from the wake me up range, even though I had heard so many rave reviews! I am kicking my self for not getting this sooner. Bags under the eyes are no more and are brightened to know end! I am really into neutral flawless base at the moment and this seems to cover it all. I don't get horrible skin, I am very lucky, but the odd redness is gone, which is super! The colour is perfect, not too light, like I sometimes found collections, but just the right shade to cover but not huge amounts highlight. 

Although my collection has saw me through many a stressed face and bad skin months, I think it's time for a change and so far I am loving this. It is perfect for right now, and I think I will remaining in my make up bag for a while! 

If there any other concealers I should look at??


Thursday, 29 May 2014

You're Just Like the London Sun... London Part 1

I feel like I was just in London yesterday! I cannot believe it was nearly over a week, where does the time go! I had the best time and I want to go back ASAP! I thought I would split up my trip into 2/3 parts, I haven't yet decided! - I hope you enjoy my little travel diaries! We had an amazing time in London with Scott, we crammed so much into the short amount of time we were there! 

There is loads of pictures, but you don't want me to blab on about it do you!!! 

Scott met me at Euston Station at around 2 o'clock, giving us a good few hours in London on the Friday. We checked in and wacked our bags down and excitedly headed to the tube! We had no idea what we wanted to do, so I decided we would get off at Waterloo and walk. Boy did we walk!! We wanted to be a little touriest-y and we went to see the London Eye and Big Ben! Then decided to just keep walking down the Thames. It was such a lovely day, and there was so many nice buildings to take in. (occasionally looking over at the thames, very Spencer Matthew's!)

We walked for hours, just up and down without really knowing where we were going. When we I had decided my feet had taken too much, we decided to call it a night. We got on the DLR, and headed back to Cannery Warf, where our hotel was and hit the hay! I found it hard to believe how much we could do in a few hours! I officially love London.

Part two should be up in the next few day! 


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Room Inspo #6: Fresh Flowers

There is nothing nicer than waking up and remembering you have fresh flowers sitting in your room! I think flowers are a great way to inject some life into your room - making you feel like a woodland fairy!

Of course I am not saying you have to spend you wages on fresh flowers every week but every once in a while will make a difference not just to your room but to your mood too! research has shown that people who regularly have flowers in there room are less anxious and have more enthusiasm and energy! So basically, you not only get to look at beautiful flowers you get a mood booster and a room scent all in a little bouquet!

So girls don't sit waiting for the boy to buy you flowers, get them yourself! Lets face it you have better taste anyway!


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Easiest Yummiest Sluttiest brownies in the world

Woah, get a load of the superlatives in that title! Do not panic I am not going to sit here and act like I am a master chef, just the other day I set fire to a pan - so yeah, I cannot cook! But hey I am damn good at mixing packet mixes and slopping them in baking trays! Me and Scott have been making slutty brownies for a year now and never have we cooked something that has been eaten and liked by so many people! 

Slutty Brownies are from The Londoner originally, we have just simplified by using packet mixes - what did people do before Betty Crocker?! Slutty brownies are basically Cookie, Oreos, brownie - yum!!! They merge to create a gooey mess made by angels! (or me and Scott)! 

All you need is: 

We have found double stuffed Oreos work the best! For a little twist, mix chocolate chip and white choc-chip cookie mix - thats my favourite! We normally use: x1 brownie mix, x2 cookie mix and x2 Oreos. You could get away with one Oreo, but you might get hungry during the making process!!! Other than that just a baking tray tin foil and an oven - obviously! 

The method - ha! That is an overstatement, I will tell you in 6 words: Mix, slop, place, mix, slop, bake. 
Basically mix your brownie and cookie mix separately, slop in the cookie mix first, then place oreos in neat lines, slop brown on top and bake for about 20 -25 mins. 

Bit picture heavy, but a picture is worth a 1000 words right? 

And Voila you are done! You will have a perfectly gooey slutty brownie slab! Best served hot, with ice-cream. Best baked with two people, one to bake, the other to stop you from eating all the cookie dough. Needs must! 

Obviously this is a very naughty treat, and I wouldn't advised eating it all at once... from a "friend's" experience you will feel VERRRRY poorly! 

If you have ever made this before or are going to, show me on twitter or leave me a comment below! 


* Photo credit as always by Scott Charlesworth

Monday, 26 May 2014

A to Z blog Post Ideas

I have seen a lot of 50 blog post ideas floating around bloglovin' and I think it is such a good idea! I hate it when you are stuck in a blogging rut and just need some fresh ideas or some inspiration or if you want to start a blog ( doooo it )!!!  I decided to put my own spin on it - and do A - Z, you can pick and choose from these are do one every time you blog in order which would be cool too!! 

A - About me, what a good place to start! Write a little about yourself, nothing is ruder than someone not introducing themselves after all! 

B - blogging tips i.e, where to edit pictures, how to add gadgets or html help! Everyone loves a helpful blogger! 

C - Cooking, you don't have to be master chef standard, just show people how to make yummy meals or cakes, this will make for an interesting post! Yum!

D - Day in the life, doing something exciting? or going round a new place. Take your camera out and let everyone see. This is good if you have a heavy beauty blog to break it up a bit! 

E - Experiences, this is unique to you. Whether t be going to Uni or having a treatment, let people know, it will really help someone! 

F - FOTD, an oldy but a goody! Let people see you make up give them inspiration and show off new products! 

G - Gift ideas, it could be birthdays or a special holiday, share what you would want/what you want to get for your loved ones! Don't give too much away who knows who could be reading! 

H - Of course H is H A U L! Who doesn't love a good haul, boots is always a winner and clothing is always a good read! You can't go wrong, well apart from making people want to spent ££££!! 

I - Instagram Posts, I love when people round up their month on instagram. Not only will it be an insight on what you have been up too but also will allow people to find you on instagram! Win win! 

J - Jewellery Collection, I love seeing what people are wearing jewellery wise to see new trends or treasured pieces - Also seeing how to store it is a major ++++! 

K - Kicks, I mean shoes and I'd never say kicks but K is hard! Post about your new shoes or some that you would die for! 

L - Lifestyle advise, this is very vague I know but you can put relationship advise or healthy eating advise! I like writing these posts the best! There is something so therapeutic about writing about the past! 

M - Motivation, now i am not telling you to go all preachy, but you have no idea if you right a post about motivation in the work  place or the gym who that will help for the day, aww nice blogging! 

N - NOTD, where would blogging be without the abbreviations?!! Nail of the day is great show new nail polishes or nail art - I get major nail envy frequently! 

O - OOTD, Who doesn't love a good old outfit of the day! They are so nice to see what other people are wearing and get inspiration from it! 

P - Product reviews! Best posts to see, gets people to know what other people thing of something before buying a product, I have saved some serious money on products people seemed to hate (looking at you baby skin!!)  

Q - Q and A with another blogger! This is good not only to introduce yourself to other bloggers but it also advertises their logs and helps them out! Help a blogger out! 

R - Room Ideas, I am a self confessed home decor obsessive! I love to see what people want in their homes or what they've got in their rooms! Good if you are decorating or moving house! 

S - Set a goal, and a plan on how to get there - This can be from growing your hair to loosing weight - also the pressure of having people on the World wide web knowing you are doing it will make you work harder to get it! 

T - Tags, don't think you have to be tagged to do a tag! I have never been tagged to do one and have done many! They are fun to write about and fun to read what other people are thinking! 

U - Unusual products or things that work for you! I mean washing my hair backwards really has made a massive difference to my hair and I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for someones blogpost!  

V - Vacation - Take your followers on holiday (by videos and photos of course, unless you're offering!!!!) 

W - Whats in my... Any bag, clutch, suitcase, rucksack! Us nosey lot will do anything to find out! I love them - I could sit and read them all day I swear! 

X - xxxxx, this is cheating I know but X's are kisses so show some love to someone or your followers let them know you appreciate them - maybe throw a cheeky giveaway! 

Y - Youtube favourites - Youtube is so big now that it's hard to find new people, help someone gain  followers by showing your favourites - Do this for blogs as well!!  

Z - lets be serious now there isn't too many for Z, but you could take about the zoo, zodiac or zizis.... but they are just random words, lets face it! 

Hope this helps some people! Let me know more ideas below! I could always do with some! 
Hope you had a lovely day! 



Sunday, 25 May 2014

Soap and Glory Minis

It's that time of year when the cutest bath and body products come out, yes I am talking travel size product. Oh my lord, have you every seen something so cute, a big product taken and made into a little sidekick for on the road! I love - weirdo much? 

I got the shampoo and conditioner and a body wash. I have tried the shampoo before and loved it the smell is so nice (obviously) and lingers on you hair for ages. I have yet to try the conditioner but no doubt it will be of the same soap and glory standard. The body wash is the 'clean girl' one, I have never tried this one, but the others I have used have been super duper nourishing. I am only away for 7 days, so there is plenty of product in there for me, so would be perfect for a holiday. Also you cant forget how cute these would look in your wash bag, oh soap and glory know how to do good packaging!

I was so lucky that boots had on a 3 for 2 when I bought these, meaning I only spent £5! Bargin. I would try and wait for a boots 3 for 2 before you go and stock up on travel essentials, save your self a bit of money, they normally have them every month or every other at least.

DO you have a thing for min travel size products? Have you got any alternatives?


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Roses De Chloé

You may have seen the post but it was my birthday a little while ago! I got so many beautiful things I had my eye on, and this is one. I always seem to get a perfume for my birthday, which I love. I like getting a perfume before summer, because that will become your scent of that summer, as soon as you sniff it memories will come flying back! 

I love Chloé as a brand, everything they do is so feminine and elegant, their perfume is no exception. From the pretty blush packaging down to the scent its self, this is a beautiful product. I love the colour of this packaging, it suits my dresser so nicely ( the little things ), the bottle is to die for. So sleek, so cute. Oh and the smell, one sprits and you feel like you have just had a bath in rose petals. So fresh, girly but not little girl girly.  I think it will be perfect for summer coming up! I am so excited to use it! I can't stop spritzing!!! 

What are your favourite summer perfumes?


Friday, 23 May 2014

Rediscovering Baby Lips

You know when you are head over heels over something for like a week and then you just forget about it. That was me with baby lips, the hype when they came out swept me up, and I got them all. The something new and I just forgot about them. But as the weather is getting brighter I have found my self reaching for baby lips in Pink Punch!

A lot of people talk about how they have dry lips in winter, well I have dry lips all year long... yep gross. The problem with me is I am not so into lip balms, I think they are way too sticky and way too heavy on lips to be comfortable. That is why I love these, they are so easy to pop on, give your lips a pop of colour as a bonus. They aren't heavy but they are super moisturising, and last for so long!

I know that baby lips have had they're huge hype, but I think it is good to reuse old stuff that you have in your collection. Thats why you bought it after all!

Have you got any beauty products that you should show some more love?


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mr Nutcase - Phone Case

I am sure you have seen a few of these bobbing around the blogging world. But I was also sent a Mr.Nutcase Phone case. They make customised phone cases meaning you can put any picture(s) you please on them! They are so high quality and would make a lovely gift or treat for yourself. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me excitedly tweeting that I am going to see the arctic monkeys on saturday! As this is all I can think about I obviously had to make an arctic monkeys case.  It is realllllly simple but so cool!It is lyrics from their new album, AM. I think it looks good on the case, I always worry that black phone cases would look a bit weird with my white i phone, but the sides are clear so it all blends together lovely.

The phone case is so sturdy and doesn't scratch, which is perfect if you're anything like me and you keep car keys and your phone in the same place oops! I had a really good experience with this company and will be using again! 


* I was sent this product free of charge, but all views are honest and my own*

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The One - Avon Spectralash Mascara

Lets get serious, I am a bit of a mascara 'floosey' as I kinda don't just stick to one, I like to play the field and see my options. I normally don't last a week with just one, but I think I have found the ONE. Meet Avon Spectralash my new bae!  

I feel like at the moment Avon has stepped up their game, they've recently started selling online, and brought out a huge range of new makeup, this is part of that. I have never seen anything like this, a mascara that you can change how much volume you want. There are three levels, I normally use one for days time and three for night. How perfect is that, change your mascara for what or where you are going.

The formula is perfect, no clumps, no spider legs no flaking. Oh hey perfection. The only down fall is that it isn't water proof, so maybe not the best is you have hay fever! ( I have found the hard way) but other than that it is a 10 out of 10 for me!

Have you tired any makeup from Avon and loved it?


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Beauty UK: Posh Pouts

Affordable, high quality make up. Could you think of a better phrase?? Beauty UK know how to do good makeup with out you wanting to pay with your eyes closed. Guilt free make up is always better!

I was sent these 'Posh Pouts' to try out, being in a bit of a lip crayon phase at the moment, I couldn't wait to try them out. I got 3 colours; a light pink, a shocking lilac, and a berry red one. The selection of colours are perfect and they have the cutest names to go with them! If you are new to make up or want to try with some new lip shades, I couldn't recommend getting some of these. The colour is there but it is sheer so its don wham bam in your face.

 The are perfect if you have a picky school with makeup, are they are so inoffensive no one will no! At £2.99 they're a real steal, at that price you can afford to get the lot! I will be buying more as they are perfect for summer, they're not too heavy or sticky on your lips and these three colours are sooooo perfect for the up coming summer, I have a feeling I will be wearing them to death.

Do you think you will be buying from Beauty UK soon?


(also let me know if you want to see colours swatches I never know wether to show or not ) 

* This is sponsored but all views are honest and my own *  

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hair Trend: Low Ponytail

Sometimes trends with hair go right over my head (no pun intended), I did't get involved in the whole ombre or dying it pastel, mainly because I'm so scared to loose my natural colour. I like a hair trend to I do but I don't have to change the colour to be involved! So bring in the low pony tails. I love. 

(source: Tumblr)

If its good enough for the Olsen twins and the catwalks it's good enough for me. I love how effortless this is, just wack your hair up and bam look like you've walked of the Paris Catwalks. This is so versatile too, wavy or straight, tight or messy. It can be used for having a nap at home or going to festival or even a wedding. If I can find a style that suits me and I can wear for every event under the sun I am sold!

Do you like the low pony tail? Will you be wearing it this summer?


Sunday, 18 May 2014

It's my Birthday!

Hello, Happy 18th of may AKA my birthday! I am 19 today!!  I hope you all have a wonderful day I am going back to uni for an exam tomorrow, after that there will be TONES of posts up (I hope)



Saturday, 17 May 2014

teapigs Peppermint Tea + Giveaway

I like to think of myself as a tea connoisseur, especially when it comes to peppermint tea, my favourite. So when teapigs sent me some I was naturally over the moon! From the packaging to the tea its self it is the yummiest and loveliest cup of tea.

pig mug not necessary but advised

Once you open the brown cardboard packaging the smell of peppermint instantly hits you, it lingers in your cupboard, which is perfect for a peppermint lover like me. This highlights how fresh and amazing quality the peppermint is! teapigs pride them selves on having fresh and whole leaves in their tea, and boy does that make a difference. Never again will I buy supermarket tea, the taste is so refreshing, perfect for this weather we are having, it almost tastes like you're eating a minty sweet, when your drinking this - YUM!

So why do I love peppermint tea so much? Easy, its two main benefits are to stop stress and sooth your stomach. I have benefited hugely drinking this tea, I am a bit of a worrier (understatement), and because of that I don't sleep and get tummy aches. I'm not one for as soon as I don't feel well to run for the medicine cabinet, I'd much rather run for the peppermint tea.  It helps you to relax, helping you to sleep and calms those tummy aches by calming the spasm causing the ache, all this without putting medicine chemicals into your body.  

This is perfect for this time of year if you have exams coming up, or even if you're just a bit of a worrier like me and trust me I wouldn't try another but teapigs - I have done the research for you! You can find this on the teapigs website here - and whilst your there sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your order and they'll make sure you know about exclusive discounts, competitions, new products, events and news. Hard to say no isn't it! 

Thanks to teapigs I will also be giving one reader a box of the tea!! I will be using rafflecopter to choose a winner:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy and goodluck

* This post is sponsered, but as always reviews are my own and would not review something I didn't love  *

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A little Chat.. 'Life's Hard'

I always here the phrase 'life's hard' either someone is telling me it, or someone is tweeting it, putting it as a status. It is one thing that annoys me so so so much. Life isn't hard. You wake up, you do what you need to do, you go to sleep. Yes sometimes things might get you down, exams suck, family problems are horrible, but nothing will change unless you have a positive outlook on things.

Source: Tumblr

If you have your health, your family, your friends, an education and a roof over you head, life is not hard. Your like in comparison to people is beautiful and you need to know that. You need to believe it in order to be a happy person and have a positve mind set, sometimes things will knock you back, but it is not the end of the world and it doesn't mean your life is hard.

So smile think about what you do have rather than thinking how bad life is, you'll have a better time trust me!

Have a nice day


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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My 1st Wish - Shoe Heaven

I love finding new websites to shop at, I especially like finding new shoe shops to look at. I love all things shoes, I have too many and at the same not enough. I think getting a new pair of shoes can really make your outfit up to date and putting a little bit of the trends into your look.

At the moment I am loving My 1st Wish, primarily a shoe website but they do have bits and bobs of clothes added in there. The shoes are AMAZING, they are so so up to date, if not ahead of their time. The colours are amazing ranging from dusty pink to neon yellow, so there is really something for everyone. Above are my top 4 picks which I am obsessed with. I am loving all the sandals they have in at the moment they all would be perfect for holidays/summer/festivals you name it.

Off to make my first order!! Hope you have a look and like what they have on offer!


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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Room Inspo: Desk Space

I dread to think how much time we all spend at out desks, thank goodness you can move laptops or I don't think I would ever leave! I think the places you spend the most time in you should put the most care into and make it a place you enjoy. Here I are a few desks that I am in love with at the moment. 

With a desk I think it should be 3 things: Comfortable, Calming and Organised. To achieve this I think choosing a neutral calming colour is the perfect way to make sure your are not too over faced, I mean no one wants to work in a neon orange room, stick to pastels and limited colours, you don't need a rainbow desk! Organisation is key, draws for things, folders, binders, pots for pen, post stick notes are all perfect in doing this and so easy to get a hold of! Organised desk, organised mind, organised life. Phew!

Hope you enjoyed this little post!


Monday, 12 May 2014

L'Oreal Micellar Water - My Thoughts

This blog started life as a beauty blog but has slowly but surly turned into a lifestyle-y, bit of everything blog, but surprise surprise I am talking beauty again, well almost.. skin care, my favourite past time. I'm going to talk about the new hyped Micellar Water.

I know it seems everyone has talked about this but I just want throw in my Two Cents! This is such a lovely product, it really removes make-up well and calms down the skin. I like to use this before my cleansing balm as it doesn't get rid of all my make-up but I like using it as a start and then going in with Liz Earl Hot Polish. I like using this most in the morning before putting make-up on just to clean the skin before applying make-up. I have noticed my BB cream going on better around my pores and I can't think of anything that would have helped it but this! I think it is a good product to have in your skin care routine, but it is not the only thing you need. Its cheap cheerful and does feel nice so there is no harm in buying it! 

Hope you like this baby review - Posts might be a bit all over the place because I am so busy with exams, and after than going to London and Cornwall so please bear with me!! 


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Friday, 9 May 2014

Bloggers Help: Best Places In London

Being from the North, just outside of Liverpool it is always nice to go and visit London. To me London is huge and I could no way find all the good spots in such a short visit, that why being a part of blogging is such as great thing. Thanks to these three ladies, I know all the best places to eat are, best places to go out at night and more importantly how close is Space NK!

These are all so helpful, telling you where to go, which one is the quietest, when will it be busy and places that you'd never think of going! It helps that they all live in or close to London so you really get the insider view. How helpful is blogging!! 

If anyone reading this has any tips for what to do in London, leave them below!  I am there for three days and going to see the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday! I am so excited I'm driving everyone mad! 

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Top Three Bands of May

As well as being very interested in beauty and clothes, I am also very into music. I once saw a photo on tumblr  that said 'all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows' which could not be anymore true. I love all kinds of music, honestly. But I most like finding quite small bands and then watching them grow into huge deals. I thought I would share my top three of the moment. 

(Source: Scott Charlesworth

I am hooked on this band. They are the sound of summer, they are so chilled out but there music has so much depth to it, they are summer in a band that is the only way of describing it. They are amazing. I found them by them actually following me on twitter, and thank god they did. My favourite song is Ocean, the lyrics are so catchy and you just find your self smiling when you listen to them. It is like the song was written with your memories, I have go so much love for this band, they have really cheered me up after a bit of a shitty week. I think I will do a more in depth review at some point, but for now you can listen to my favourite song below - fan girl or what. EP is HERE

Scott has been showing me videos of a band called 'Little Grace' for a while now as they used to go his high school way back when, and I've always thought they were good but never listened properly. They recently brought out they're EP and I downloaded it whilst on the train back from Cornwall. I did not regret it, it is such a unique sounds so soulful and got such a catchy rhythm. It is proper chilled out music to listen to in the car or on the train, I have honestly not stopped listening to them whilst revising. They aren't like anything on the market so I can't compare them You will have to listen to them. My favourite song is 'No Missed calls', watch the video below and if you like it (which you will) the link to their EP is - HERE.

This band is a little bit bigger than the other as they are currently supporting Kings of Leon, on their tour and no doubt getting a far few fans from their. With their dream-like melodies and soothing tracks, Local Natives is the perfect band to listen to while studying or relaxing in the bath. Just so soft and calm you kind of just feel mellow listening to them like nothing could pop your bubble. As I have said they are bigger than the other bands so you might recognise their hit "Wide Eyes" from a few CW shows like 90210. Just think your perfect song to sit on the beach with your favourite people with a glass of cloudy lemonade and thats how they sound. Find them HERE 

Hope you enjoyed this music post, if you did let me know and I will keep it going 

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

5 Life Saving Revision Tips

Okay, so I know at the moment there are a lot of  people doing or about to do exams, thus are revising, you probably are procrastinating reading this but don't worry. In my time I have done fair amount of exams, this means I have done a fair (pushing it) amount of revision. I found revision really hard to do, I could not make myself at all. But as I have done some growing up I have come up with 5 handy tips that will help your revision less... boring. 


1// Plan - Sit down and work out how many hours you will be willing to do, and how long you want to spend of each subject, and write it done - that way you are more likely to stick to it. But remember you can be flexible, if you are putting loads of work into one and feel like the others are lacking the fiddle with it done be afraid.

2// If you have exams leave, this can be the best and worst. You have time to revises but you also have time to sleep DILEMA. The easiest way of getting over this hurdle is the night before, just before bed set everything out on your desk... laptop, pens, paper, books. This way if you know it is all ready you are way more likely to do work when you know its all set out for you.

3// We are so lucky with all the resources out there for revision, this means it doesn't have to be copying out pages of work, you can watch a youtube video on it or listen to someone talking about it. If writing it out doesn't work for you, you must be proactive in finding out how you learn.

4// Coloured pens are going to be your best friend. There is a reason children's books are so colourful to catch the attention and so they remember it. If it worked when you were two it should work now. How boring is reading black biro, use coloured pen, pictures, keys and codes, to make your work stand out. In the exam you'll look at the question and be like oh my god that was in orange... question done.

5// Reward, yes at the end of it you should be revising because you reallllly want an A or B or C. But when your looking at those notes that is long forgotten. So reward your self for doing revision. For example say you have set up to do 10 hours of revision after School / College / Uni, and that week you do that, go and get that Topshop dress you wanted. That way you'll want to do more work to get more things perfect.

They are my tips that have got me all the way to uni. It is a daunting task sitting exams, but you just need to take it in your stride and do the best you can. 

Hope all your exams go reallllly well. 


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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Room Inspo: Tea Cups

I have been doing a Room Inspo post every tuesday now for two weeks, and every week they prve to be some of my most commented and 'liked' posts, so I am happy to fill you in with another one.

Decretive Tea Cups. No I haven't turned into my name displaying all her fine china, but I must say how much I adore having a little cup and saucer sitting on my bed side table. It looks so girly and quaint, tea should not stop in the kitchen. They add a simple touch of vintage charm for a room. They are so easy to find from charity shops, online or antique markets - my favourite.

(source - Pintrest)

A nice idea with these I think is to make your own candles and put them in then, this may be a future DIY from me, but there are loads and loads of tutorials online, and it is so quick and easy to do. I really love the way these have been stacked on top of one another, but I honestly couldn't do this of fear of knocking it over, clumsy alert.

Hope you like this as much as you have the rest.


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Monday, 5 May 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards Awkwardness

So I am bit awkward in doing this as there is no chance that I am going to win or even get short listed but as they say it can't hurt to try! And imagine if I was shortlisted, that would be amazing!

I really love this blog and I hope everyone that reads it does too. I try and put up new and exciting content everyday for people. My blog started as more as a beauty blog but I feel it is now a bit of an onion, with every layer you could think of - beauty, fashion, problems and lifestyle. AT the moment I feel that what I share here is more about lifestyle, not just my own but bits that can help improve other peoples. I hope that this blog achieves that. 

- Click HERE to get to the nominating page (Or click the picture above)
- Then add to the blog url
- The rest is self explanatory - This goes on till June 2nd.

Okay enough rambles, I would adore it if you could nominate me as 'Best Lifestyle Blog'. It would really mean the world to me, to think that people really enjoy my blog!

If you are so kind to nominate Effys Space, please tell me in the comments, because it would be lovely to thank you.

Okay awkwardness over.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blogger Tips #2: Making a Grab Button

Okay, I think this it is such a fab idea to have a grab button on your page, especially if you're a new blogger. This allows people get to the HTML and advertise you on their blog, how kind, meaning more people see your wonderful blog! - Win Win.

I've wanted to make one of these for a while now but was daunted by how long figuring out the HTML would take me, ain't nobody got time for that.

BUT WAIT I found the holy grail... the answer to your Grab Button dreams ....

Who ever made this I am forever in your debt. All you need is your blog name, your blog address and the photo you want to use as the button URL. Thats it.

- To make the button I suggest PicMonkey - a bloggers best friend. 
- Use a square image or start from scratch on a blank square background
- I think it looks best when kept to 125px by 125px
- You can sort it out and then re size it witch is a doddle
- Then upload it to a picture hosting site (there are loads) 
- Right click on your image
- Copy image URL 

This is basically a guide to ' how to feel like a html god without hurting your head '

My blog button is at the side there, feel free to use and abuse it (or not) if you do let me know because that would be super lovely! 

Hope you have a lovely day! 

Also I would really love your support in getting nominated for 'Best Life Style Blog' HERE - See Full Post Here 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

In for a Penny

So okay, I may not look like your usual Skate Boarder, but I have a personality of an onion and who knows what layer will come next. I have always found myself around people who skate, and I love the fashion it has brought into the spot light, like slip on shoe, baseball teas... the list is endless.

I have wanted a Penny forEVER, Scott just got one I was so jealous  excited for him! When I was visiting him at uni, they were everywhere out in campus, in town and in allllll shops. It was like it was teasing me - so I had to stop it and buy one. I have wanted the mint one for ages, see my wishlist here. I got the 22" one, which is the smaller one. It is super fast and its so smooth to ride, I really love going on it with Scott on his, very Louis and Andy (MIC) circa 2013 (you have to remember that scene!!!)

Although you are just stood it is a good work out too, watch out thighs!! It is so fun to do in a the sun and I am very excited for summer where I can just skate board EVERYWHERE!! - Me and Scott do have plans to include the baby pugs on board (literally).

For an early birthday present/aniversary present, Scott also got me a board which I was over the moon with it is bigger than my penny, and from 2BareFeet.He knows me so well that he got it in the same colour of my car, which is amazing, what an amazing boyfriend! So now I have two to fly around everywhere on! I am so excited. Also a bit scared because I have already bumped my head whilst on it, so maybe I'll have an ambulance on stand by!


Also how fab is my boyfriend for taking these pictures at night just by using street lighting don't know how he does it, and they look that good. I really think if you haven't check out his photography you should he is a super talented boy! (and I am the proudest girlfriend ever) - you can find him HERE

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