Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day everyone, whether you are a mother or a daughter/son or if you are unfortunately without this year, I hope you have a beautiful day full of smiles! 

I thought I would share what I got for my mum this year on my uni budget. I thought that a few people would love this gift as well, its really vintage and lovely looking! 

I love this card its so pretty and cute its from Love from Lemonade, they make the nicest cutest cards, but so simple! The jar is from Paperchase of all place, it's has a tea light holder at the bottom and I think it will look lovely lit up! 

Hope you enjoyed your day and have a lovely rest of the week! 
Happy Sunday! 


Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Hair Care Routine

Since christmas I have been using the same things on my hair and I have found them working wonders. I do have dry hair and it has a lot of breakages, probably due to me heating it like a lunatic in my early high school years (we all know the phase). I have constantly dreamed of long flowing hair like all my friends, but it has never happened, but recently I have noticed by using these product every other day my hair has been getting longer and looking so much stronger. 

I'll start from the top with shampoo. I have always heard good things about these Lush shampoo bars, I love products that are interesting and a bit unique, I personally have never seen a shampoo like this. They are so easy to use, you can either use it in or out the tin and you just rub it on you hair, feels so wrong at first but it lathers so quickly and easily. Lush reckon that you can get 95 washes out of it and I have just used my first one up that I got at the end of December so I would say that is pretty stop on so worth the £5.50 price tag. I currently am between two of the flavours. The one pictured is called 'Ultimate Shine', I love this one it smells so so yummy, it has ylang ylang in and that is one of my favourite essential oils, it stinks out your whole bath room but in a really good way. This one targets extreme dryness, something that has helped out my locks so so much! They look healthier and my hair feels much better than before. Although not pictured my favourite shampoo bar at lush is called 'New' this is packed full of bits and bobs that kicks start the blood flow in your head, this is not only good for your scalp but amazing for hair growth. When I used this, my hair got the longest its every been. In love.

I've never really found a conditioner that when I put on my hair I can see a difference or feel a difference. However I might have I really love the 'American Cream' conditioner, again from Lush. It smells like strawberry smoothie which is amazing, so good you might want to have a taste, it is super thick and nourishing and does make your hair feel lovely the day after. I am obsessed with purple shampoo, and this Pro:voke one is amazing! as I'm at  uni I can't go home and get my hair highlighted as often as I would like however this has saved the roots. I have currently not dyed my hair since summer (THAT LONG) and honestly no one really notices my roots, this takes out the baseness and puts some spark back into that blonde!

Shocker a blogger with a Tangle Teezer, I know everyone  raves about this but honestly it is such a good brush, when I brush my hair with a normal brush I swear to god I malt like nobodies business! But with his it is so soft on my hair and really stops breakages.  I am obsessed with coconut oil I don't know what I did without it (dramatic!!) Coconut oil is so good for your hair as not only does it smell lovely it also penetrates your hair instead of lingering on the top basically being a perfume. It conditions your hair and also strengthens it. I have noticed such a difference to the end of my hair, I wouldn't put it ever where are it may leave it greasy!

So that was a lot of talk about my hair! I really am loving all these products, I would love to see what you use and if you have a conditioner that would make my jaw drop - I'd love love that!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

L'oreal - Nude Magique Eau De Teint Review

Get from Boots here 
I have problems a few issues with foundation, it more of a love hate thing to me. Constantly feeling bad for putting my skin through carrying heaviness around all day (and 'forgetting' to take it off at night, naughty) but feeling way more confident and better about myself when I do wear it. I have tried BB creams and they are still heavy, tried just wearing concealer but that doesn't make me feel quite done, then came this gem. 

Until I found this I was a bit sceptical of high street foundation, foundation has always been one thing I have spent money on, however I am so please with this. The formula is amazing, the way it applies to your skin is flawless, much like the Channel Vitalumiere. Instantly when applied your face doesn't feel sticky or heavy, it feel soft and breathable, a feeling that goes on all day . The colour is very good too, I normally go for the lightest and when I did get this home for a play, I was worried at how dark it was going to be, but none the less it was perfect, blended perfectly, giving you a perfect glowing base, without feeling like you have any make-up on at all. Perfect for those, I'm not wearing any makeup but I really am days. PERFECT. 

I would seriously recommend this foundation if you want something light and breathable so perfect for holidays and summer, if the UK  ever gets some sun, I will be reaching for this I am sure. 

If you have tried this or anything similar let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear you opinions too!


Monday, 24 March 2014

Brandy Melville - Wishlist

I wish I was a Cali Girl, like so much. It actually pains me how much cooler that breed of girl seem, that boho I made no effort but I still look like I made effort, which I would make a huge muck up of. I mean the gene pool that runs in 90210 must be one of the highest quality, due to the fact all the girls (and boys for that matter) are BEAU-tiful - in fact thats an under statement. I follow way too many American fashion bloggers for my own good! Constantly bombarded with Forever 21 this and Brandy Melville that, thats all well and good if I could get my paws on the stuff! Yes the UK has both but the stock is really not as good as the American version of the store. To make myself feel worse, I have made a little wish list from Brandy Melville, that is I was from California with naturally beachy hair and an all year round tan I would snap up. 

Hope you enjoyed my little wish list obviously you can get all this stuff from Brandy Melville US, which sucks for me! I also send my apologises if I have made you lust after the unattainable for all my fellow UK girls!! 


Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Look Back

I have decided to do this weekly 'Monday Look Back' seeing what I've done in the week. I think it's nice to sit down and think about the week before.

This week I have been a bit down in the dumps I've been very homesick, I'm only at uni and 3 hours away which might seem like nothing but I've not been finding it easy for many reasons. So on Saturday my mum, grandpop, aunt and cousin came up to see me. It was lovely to walk around the city and eat some yummy food! It has made me feel so much happier and excited for the rest of the week!

My weeks are currently getting a little bit busy with uni work. I am drowning in business essays and getting headaches due to economics. Just got to keep plodding along! The rest of uni is good I love where I love and I love the vibe of the city so it's good for me!

Next sunday, my boyfriend is coming to see me for a week or so! I am so excited, I've not seen him since the 1st of February so I am looking forward. I am counting down the minutes. I hope that this week will zoom by! He's also a photographer so there will be a lot more 'good' photos on the blog, and maybe a few boyfriend tags!

I don't know if the post is a bore fest or if it would be a nice start to the week! Let me know if you like it !!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Whats Your Skin Telling You?

I love finding out why my skin has change for a particular reason, i think its such a good way to find out what your body is telling you, then you can treat it and have lovely skin as well! I have found this information from just reading up on the internet as it really interests. SO if you you want to find out more I would recommend having a good google. 

1. Forehead 

Its is believed that this reveals how well your body is getting red of toxins. The top is related to bladder, middle is the  digestive and lower part is the liver. The bottom part will normally flare up in party seasons, so if your drinking a lot, such as freshers, or christmas season. The top of the forehead is often linked to stress, so if you have exams or something going on with your life, you will often sweat from here and your pores will clog up. Also spots in the eyebrows can also show stress as they are linked to a gland above your kidney that show stress more, or it may just be a bit of a spot from plucking your brows. 

2. Nose 

Your nose is linked to your diet. This shows that you aren't getting the right amount of  nutrients your body requires. To help this is it useful to drink loads of water to help your body. It is also said to mean that someone loves you, but thats quite a bad way to show it! 

3. Cheeks

This is linked to your lungs, if you get regular colds, flu or have asthma you are more likely to get spots here. It may not be even a break out, it could simply be a change in texture or colour. It has also been link to a poor diet so if you are getting plenty of fruit and veg in your diet, you can normally get rid of them. 

4. Chin
 The chin is very interesting, well I think. It is linked to our hormones you generally get spots of your chin when it is your time of the month. But the clever part is that if you get more on the left side of your chin your are ovulating from the left, and the same goes for the right side. How clever is your body, nerd moment. 

You can also get spots all over your body which are for other reasons... 

Back This can be caused by sweating and not showering after sport as obviously this is going to clog up your pores big style. When sweat is produced it is your body getting rid of waste products, so with out washing them off they'll just go back where they came from.
Your skin is harder on the arms and upper legs so you can get something called Keratosis Pilaris, I have this is when small spots which make your arm make you feel like you have goos bumps. It is said this is over production of dead cells, but it is a hereditary thing, so you probably got it off your mum. FAB!  
Hope you found this as interesting as I do! 

Sorry I've not been posting as regularly
, Ive been feeling so under the weather, doctors tomorrow so I should be back more regularly soon! 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beauty Blogger TAG

Hello loves. This is a tag post from so so so long ago haha, I think being a mix of beauty, fashion and life style blog is a lovely mix, so I thought I would do the Beauty Blogger tag. I love tags, they are so fun thinking up the answers and I love reading them! So, let's get into the questions...

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I started blogger because I constantly read and watched them and really wanted to get involved, I have always loved writing so this is a great outlet. I have had loads of blogs before, I just stopped posting after a while, so I started in the last year of high school and now and in the first year of uni so, 3 ish years on and off! 

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
The first one my friend showed me was Lily Melrose (, I first saw her how to ombre as she was the first person I saw to do that so a long time ago. So I think that Lily's Blog was the first blog I really loved and found inspiring.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product that you bought? Was it worth the hype?
Hmm I have so many! I think it either has to be the first naked pallet that I still use every single day, I am OBSESSED with it! It also could have been the holy grail that is Collections Lasting Perfection 16 hour Concealer (mouthful). I had it way back when it was Collection 2000! I still love that too! Everything I have bought into I have tried and made sure I liked it before I bought it. 
What are you five favourite things about blogging and being a Beauty Blogger?
I love Writing the posts, its nice to relax and write about something that you love and feel something about after a long day of writing economic notes at Uni
I love seeing trends before they hit, and everyones unique style or take on a trend, it really makes me want to push the boundaries of what I where and try new things!
I like the Comments I get, because they show you that your doing something that other people like and want to read which is always a bonus. 
 I love reaching targets of followers, I love this as again it shows you that people like your blog post and want to read the dribble coming out of my mouth! 
I love the doors blogging opens for you. Blogging is essentially something you do for free, off your own back and yet it looks great on a CV and impresses potential employers, allows you to meet new people, come into contact with companies and PR people , I really want to get into marketing so this is so great for me! 

What have you learnt from being a Beauty Blogger? 
How much I like writing and getting my opinion in my little internet bubble. I also have learnt that I give into hype and will buy anything suggested by people. Also It has reminded my how much money I spend on clothes and beauty things, my god!! 

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out? 
Do it your way! Don't compare yourself to other bloggers, don't try to be other bloggers and don't worry if you don't get thousands of followers in two weeks. The follower number doesn't matter, it's amazing when you hit a milestone, whether it's 50 followers or 5000 followers - as long as you have loyal followers who enjoy your posts, that's the main thing.
What are your top 5 makeup brands?
MAC - Duh. It's a cliche but when it comes to lipstick and eyeshadow, nothing compares. It's also not hugely over priced in comparison to other brands too.
17 - At the moment I love this, the lipsticks are amazing and its so cheap and cheerful!
Soap & Glory - One of my fave high street brands. Obviously I have a whole post on it!
No. 7 - I love there foundation matcher it is so easy to use and I get such great customer service there!
Topshop - Another fab high street brand, the nail polishes are gorgeous and their lipsticks are amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this little tag!
I'd love to know if you've done any tag posts lately as I love to read them - I tag you ALL so let me know if you do this!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

300 Followers Giveaway

Yay! I reach 300 followers on bloglovin'!! Since I am so excited I thought I would do a give away show how much I appreciate everyone who reads this lil old blog! I will be giving away a MAC lipstick of your choice along with this cute Cath Kidson mug, perfect for makeup brushes!! 

How to enter
You must be following on bloglovin'
You Must leave a comment bellow telling me your favourite MAC lipstick
Like this post on bloglovin' 
Follow me on twitter 
Tweet me
Post something on your blog
Follow me on Tumblr 

Each = 1 entry 

I will pick only one winner 
I will pick using Random Picker
This is open to people in the UK only ( sorry but p&p is a pain)
The giveaway will run for 4 weeks
The prize can be any mac CURRENT shade
The winner has 48 hours to reply after the giveaway closes before a new winner is picked
I will be checking entries and I will delete any fake ones
Good Luck!

' You're so f a t '

You're fat' this phrase makes me so angry! I think that at one point everyone, my friends and I included, have those words shoved down your throat. It angers me the way that women's sizes are perceived as the most important attribute they have these days, as if they were defined by weight alone!

Recently I've heard of an awful lot of boys and other girls calling beautiful girls I know fat, those people including me. Those girls are maybe size 10 or even size 6. I understand that the celebrity world is laden with skinny women and in the modelling world that is what is required to show clothes, I mean I have the up most respect for models, I always look at them and think imagine if I looked like that, but we all do that! You can think another body shape is beautiful but for god sake that doesn't mean you have to shed pounds to be beautiful!!! I mean I have figure envy of Kendal Jenner but that’s never going to happen because I like Sunday dinners and Chinese food so much more! Kate Moss has clearly never had a Sunday roast with all the trimming and lashings of gravy, because let me tell you know, that does taste better than Skinny feels. Yes Kendal looked amazing at the Marc Jacobs show, but that’s not to say Khole Kardashian doesn’t look equally amazing on red carpets, yes she has a curvy bigger body type, those curves are to die for, but she holds her head high and doesn't let her weight define her. Having a different body type to your favourite celeb doesn't mean she's right you’re wrong, you're both right you're just different.

Personally will never be tiny because I have big hips (birthing hips as my nan would say) and they do give me curves, I'm not saying when someone called me fat I've not sat and thought I hate this I want this to change, but that is so un healthy for your mind, your should look at your self and think, okay this is what I'm working with can't change it. I could loose weight but I can't loose my big hips and I wouldn't want to, I'm happy that I've got a bum and I'm happy that I've got boobs, I would look weird any other way. That's not to say if you are up and down, no curves that, that is wrong its just different to my shape, how can that make it wrong?

I just wanted to get this post out there as I think the mirrors of today's society are blurred, size doesn't make you beautiful the inside does, cheesy I know. But I personally chose my friends upon how nice they are, not if they can fit into Topshop size 4 jeans. I mean if you want to loose weight be my guest but do it in a healthy way and do it for you, don't do it because someone saw you eating a Big Mac and told you 'You are so fat'!! You are not fat, you are you and why would you want to change and miss out on Ben and Jerry’s just because some deranged person is so obsessed with you that they pick fault at you to make themselves feel like a bigger person. If you want to change yourself to be healthier yes, do it just don't make yourself ill. In the words of Marie Antoinette 'Let them eat cake', no truer words spoken. 


What is your opinion on this? 
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