Saturday, 27 December 2014

The best post christmas bath ever!!

Phew!! Christmas is gone for another year...almost. How fast has it all flown, a whirlwind of presents, food, cuddles, food food and more food. I had the best week with most wonderful family and friends. But now it's time to breath and have a good chill out. Enter THE BEST BATH EVER!


Friday, 5 December 2014

Top 3 Fashion Instagrams

From Tumblr
It is not secret that I am obsessed with Instagram. I love it and I follow A LOT of people, I thought I'd share some of my love and introduce more people to these fabulous girls! These are the accounts that I actually search and have to see (and love heart) all their photos. I was thinking about doing some more of these kinds of posts so let me know if you like them! 

Sarah Ashcroft
Okay, first off I hope you all know the blogging BABE Sarah Ashcroft, she is drop dead gorge! Not only is she pretty, has one of the most envious wardrobes in the UK, she also comes across as such a lovely girl. I can constantly making cheeky purchases because of her! She now has 187K followers and deserves everyone. Check out her blog also at That Pommie Girl

Style for Two
These Two are so cool.  Like seriously, I am jealous! They're from one of the coolest cities Amsterdam, and have such a wonderful wardrobe between them. They mix in lifestyle between fashion and thats a nice break down my favourite thing is the backgrounds in which they shoot, they're just too COOL. 35K agree with me which is pretty cool! 

Lily Melrose 
Last but not least it is non other but blogging ace  Lily Melrose. This girl is amazing not only does she have the Best UK Fashion Blog (in my opinion) but she also has found herself with the prettiest kitty whom I'd love to snuggle. She has a really casual style which makes it nice to read and peruse at your leisure. 

As I said I would love to do more 'Top 3' kind of posts or even more on Instagram.
Let me know if you like it! 


Thursday, 4 December 2014

NEXTmas Wishlist

You say Christmas and I say 'YES'. This was exactly what I did when I found out about the #nextmaswishlist competition!! Christmas has come Creeping up ever so slowly but as soon as you could open that first Advent door it has FLOWN! Here are 6 things on my Next Wishlist (online basket) - Anyone reading this getting me a present, hint hint. 

First off how cute do all these look together!! I honestly would love running down to a big pile of cream and grey things on Christmas morning! 

1) Confession, I do not own a Christmas Jumper... I feel like I've let Buddy the Elf down. This one is adorable and can see myself living in it till the 25th! 

2) This would be the prettiest gift for the shabby chic girl in your life (home decor wise of course). It is super cute and just the right size to display. I really need to invest in a Jewellery Box to save me searching in the morning!  

3) I love Next Scents, I always buy them as gifts for Birthdays and Christmas! They go down so well as they not only smell delicious but they also look so pretty on display! This Dark Orchid And Patchouli Home Fragrance Diffuser is in the prettiest bottle and I need to get my paws on it! 

4) How doesn't love a Westie! I love this little Calendar and think I need it, as honestly at Uni I don't know what day it is. Ooops! 

5) I am loving two things this season, high necks and grey. This means that this jumper is looking like my kind of heaven right now. I have no shame in saying I have already made outfits in my head with it. 

6) I have a bunting problem. It's all I want to buy!! This dream one would look so cute over a bed, making sure to keep those nightmares away! 

Next always have lovely bits in home and clothes wise and I love their decor for Christmas, so cosy! It is well worth a visit! 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 


Thursday, 6 November 2014

10 Ways to Make Your Day Happier

Source: Tumblr
Hey You, Happy Thursday AKA the hardest day of the week, I can feel you Friday. If there is one thing that makes me happy its other people being happy, so my mission is to make sure you all have the most fabulous day! Quick, quirky points to make your day as good as it could/should be!

1. Surround yourself with the best people - I'm talking people that would stick with you if you went crazy and robbed a bank. Leave the negative nelleys for another day, or NEVER. No one likes a party pooper. Even if it's talking to friends on the phone or texting just make sure they are near.

2. Spontaneity - Fact; this is my favourite quality in the world. I think thats why I love my boyfriend so much. I love just looking at someone and deciding you want to do something. Want to go to the beach go, want to go to paris go. Plans are boring.

3. Be Present - It's so easy to live in the past worrying if you could have done something better, or worry about the future, what you need to do. Slow it right down, just be in the  moment, take pictures and live it.

4. Make Things Happen - I'm bad for knowing what I want to do but being really un-proactive about it, so sit down work out what you need to do and start doing it. No excuses, no putting it off.

5. Watch a Documentary - I am a Documentary Junkie, I serial watch them. But you know how refreshing it is to learn new stuff?! Like right now I'm really knowledgable on Alaskan Grizzly Bears, and I'm enjoying it very much!

6. Look Good - Yes, I said it vanity makes the world go round. Put on some red lipstick, smokey eyes and killer boots. Go out and break some hearts.

7. Turn on Old Music - No I'm not talking last years Macklemore, I'm talking 'It's Britney Bitch', the 2000 classics that were at School discos. To get you started... Air Hostess I like the way you......

8. Get Weird - Dance with your dog, sing wicked whilst making Pasta, make up a dance routine in the shower. NOTE: USE PEOPLE FROM POINT ONE TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER. 

9. Smile - Smile at everything and anyone (don't be a creeper though), you know how fab it is when you smile at a stranger and they smile back, fussy feeling.

10. Relax - I am actually rather skilled in this department I have no problems getting on a face mask and plunging into a bubble bath, but some people don't do it and you NEED to. It's not healthy being constantly hunched over a laptop, just sink into the bubbles. Lovely. Rosè also advised.

Hope these put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. Pinky promise you'll have the best day ever tomorrow? Let me below if you have any happy little things. Also Tay Swifts Album...AMAZE


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Room Inspo #8: Wall Collage

It's back! Ages and ages ago I used to be one post on room inspo every single Wednesday and it was honestly one of my favourite things to write and it seems to be one of your favourite things to read! So as of now, every Wednesday I will battle through Uni work and the likes to get a room inspo up on here.

So if your anything like me you are a Pintrest NERD! Like balls to the walls crazy lady obsessed. I hope we're in the same boat! Well a wall collage is basically the home decor version of Pintrest. Have a load of cool quotes, pictures or sayings and you can arrange them round your room, house... palace? Perfect.

Photos Taken from Pintrest 

This is something that can be really expensive or really affordable! All you need is photos and blue tac, or lots of frames and you're good to go - it's that easy! You can arrange them how you like, put in photos you like, its so personal and add a lovely touch to a wall that may have been blank! I love it!!

If you have done something like this be sure to show me! 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things: Autumn

Autumn has come and gone in a whirlwind, literally. The leaves feel far to fast, the pumpkins were sold far to fast and November came far too fast. Time to get your big coats out and stand guard ready for winter. But never the less, I did have a damn good autumn.

Delamere - By Scott Charlesworth Aka Boyfriend photographer extraordinaire  

My favourite thing about Autumn is being outside. Getting wrapped up, big coats, scarfs and boots. Going on a long walk with no destination in mind; just you and the people you love on a hunt for adventure. The satisfaction of hearing the crisp leaves crunch and running through puddles with a pleasing squelch. Dodging the rain showers, holding on to your hat in the gales and not being sure which layer of clothing to take off in that awkward afternoon sun that is neither too hot nor too cold. The Smell of people starting to turn on their chimneys mixing with wet leaves. Dogs getting muddy and horses proudly standing in their winter coats. The marathon rush back into the warmth for a hot chocolate or even a pumpkin spiced Latte, if you're lucky of course. The excuse to snuggle up to your favourite person because your cold, wrapped in a mountain of blankets with rubbish TV on. And not to mention the mandatory 'I braved the cold nap'. My Favourite.  

This wonderful competition is run by Skye cottages if you would like to enter Sykes Cottages competition to win £400 worth of John Lewis vouchers then simply head to HERE. Hope you enjoyed my autumn favourite. 


Monday, 3 November 2014

In the Studio with Harrods: Matthew Williamson

Naturally, like any Fashion lover  I love to nosey around designers studios, especially when it comes to British Icon Matthew Williamson. Matthew has teamed up with Harrods for their in the studio campaign.  He has honestly been one of my favourite designers since I was young, gob smacked at the effortless designs he could make. Matthew himself explains “My brand is born out of a passion for creating beautiful things. As a designer you're constantly looking around for new ideas.” 


Through the films you get a  fly on the wall feel. Moving throughout the stages from initial ideas, mood boards, picking fabric, creating silhouettes, right up until the moments the designs are done and ready to be sold to the bohemian jet-setter clientele. Matthew has always been very clear in his brand and offers the advise “To someone starting out in the fashion industry is to have a really clear vision and confidence and sense of your own design aesthetic. You have to believe in it - if you don't I doubt
anyone else will.

Matthews Muse and Artistic Director, Georgia MacIntrye explains working with Matthew “It's exciting to be part of a brand that's 16 years-old and such a big part of the British fashion scene. Seeing it change and the industry change with it has been amazing. It's so important to nurture talent." I think the way to nurture talent is to expand ones knowledge, and the Harrods in the Studio is an exciting way to learn more about the ins and outs of a real well known designer. Whether you're an aspiring designer or just a lovely of fashion, it is a really lovely film to watch. 

To see the full film and see more behind the scenes, visit Harrods for Inside the Studio.
In collaboration with Harrods

Friday, 10 October 2014

Start Autumn through Instagram

If there is one thing that excited me most is the weather turning cold. I love the colder months, bring on fur coats and honey comb hot chocolate. My instagram has been taken over with warm autumn colours and leaves on the ground. I thought I'd give you and insight in to what I have been up to at the start of the colder months, lovely!

1. Went to the last Luna Cinema Event of the year in Lincoln, it was the best! Recommend! 

2. Still trying to get away with no tights, I was an idiot and I was freezing. New boots though!

3. First hot drink of the colder months, Hot Choc with caramel, lush!! 

4. Showing off in my directors chair! They are the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on!

5. Getting Cosy in my new uni room! I love it! 

6. Treated myself to this months Tatler, it looks to pretty to read! 

7. My lovely Uni town. Lincoln looks so much better when it's cold! 

8. Wore my hair up going out, it was momentous and needed a selfie. In love with misguided dress!! 

If you're not following me already my instagram is 


I hope to see you over there soon! 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Top 5 River Island Winter Picks Under £30

My student budget is not covering my dream of having a Blair Waldorf autumn style wardrobe. Yes I want a coat in every colour please, and I would not mind chuck bass! This is a little collection of stuff that I would love to get my mitts on for the A/W, seriously lusting after that hat! 

1. Shorts - £30 
2. Leggings - £25
3.  Chelsea Dress - £28
4. Black Pom Pom Hat - £10  

Okay number 5 is a total cheat but you can squeeze £8 pounds out of your piggy bank! Or a little cheat I have found is buying River Island online is better because you can use student discount and get some money off! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it let your purse breath a little easier. Excuse me now I'm going to binge watch Gossip Girl and dream of the perfect New York wardrobe. 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Relationships are like Venn Diagrams

I have moments of clarity at silly O'clock normally when texting my best friends, lucky them! Recently I was thinking about relationships, I was thinking about give and take. I feel like sometimes I try and take too much, yes you deserve time and attention, but hey they have a life too. Enter the Venn Diagram.

Geeking out because this is the first time I have used one these things since primary school - but back too the theory. 


Lets go back before each other you had your own hobbies, interests and friends, and that is fine! You can admit you were still happy without this person, although you're happier with them of course. So when you come together you become two people, but you shouldn't loose yourself. Who knows if this love is the notebook kind of love or Kim K & Chris H?! You don't want to loose yourself when you loose the person (sorry to be a pessimist). The Venn Diagram shows that  you have your space they have their space but you still come together. You still have things that are yours together, all those beautiful memories at the beach or that song that puts a smile on your face because it's yours. 

This is just some advise that I think is a good way to have a healthy relationship and not loose yourself. If you think it's a loads of crap I am sorry but this has helped me! 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Winter Coat Wishlist

I am passionate about many things; like I passionately believe old people should never eat alone and I am passionate about taking as many pictures as you can in the moment. But this time of the year all that goes out the window, I am blinkered on to my biggest passion. Winter. Coats. Is there anything more wonderful than finding the perfect winter coat and buddying up to become a team against all elements. Yes I know. Crazy Coat Lady.  Here are my top 3, I am into beige and neutral this winter so bare that in mind.

1 // This Zara number is my winter coat. I am a massive lover of fur (faux of course) I think it's lovely and adds so much to an outfit. And honestly it makes me feel like a character off made in chels and there is't anything wrong with that. It is super comfy and snuggly and I can't wait to never take it off!

2 // I normally am a Topshop coat girl through and through and they are some of my favourite coats in my wardrobe. This one I like because it is super unique, unlike a certain pastel coats I am seeing everywhere. It is a boyfriend fit so it can be dressed up or down with jeans it's perfect.

3 //  Two words. Burberry. Mac. This mac is iconic, it's basically if England needed a winter coat they would chose this one. Its beautiful and should be on every single wish list. The tailoring and finishing is perfection and if I didn't need food and water at uni my student loan would have 100 percent gone on this.

So if you like coats and beige you should have loved this post... Sorry if this is a super boring wish list. I feel like an old woman showing you beige coats. I promise they're all super lovely in person. Hope I have better posts on the way! 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Introduction: James Bay

Okay, hold my hands up. I owe this all to people I know going to see Tom Odell (who was apparently very good live) and stumbled upon this utter Gem - James bay. He was casually handing out free CDs and now he's playing on Radio One Live lounge, in the space of what... 6 months incredible.

James Bay is one of those people who is effortlessly cool. Hair falling around his face, hat slung on head and an easy smile to boot. Something I honestly envy. Not only is James' music one of the freshest things to come out for along time but it also seems, music has found the most humble down to earth people. Which must be hard to be when he has fans in big places like none other than Fern Cotton. He takes it in his own stride with a plenty of thanks you's sent out on twitter. Lovely.

Now his music. Have you ever listened to a song and wondered how the heck that artist got into you head, read your thoughts, wrote it down and put a melody to it? That's what he does. He hits a cord. You might feel alone with your feeling but James shows you that everyone deals with the same shit. When I first got into James Bay, I was honestly having a shit time and he released 'Let it go'. A song talking about love loss. His words were so powerful and honest that he made me feel better, I wasn't alone. I had my own life to cope with and thats a beautiful message for an artist to get across to anyone.

His lyrics are a small part of the utter genius that is James Bay. His guitar playing is breath taking. A man and his guitar how music was meant to be. He may be a humble soul, but his voice has to power to take on popular songs and just stamp his mark on them. It's inspiring to see someone not singing about sex and drug and singing about real feelings that us humans do a wonderful job of keeping them hid inside oursleves.

I think this stylish old soul is the next big thing and wouldn't be surprised if some of the artists he once supported started supporting him. I wish him every success as he truly deserves it.

Here is my favourite song: Let it go
More songs on Sound Cloud:  Here
Buy on Itunes: Here  
Go and see him: Here (I'll be in Manchester)


Monday, 22 September 2014

Being Happy

Being happy should be the most natural thing in the world, like breathing or fancying the pants off Harry Styles. But, sometimes you wake up or you see something and get sad and thats okay too, its not ideal but it's okay, it's life. The added pressure I have of being away from home sometimes makes it worse, so I feel I have the authority and knowledge to compile a list some temporarily fixes that really help me, I hope they help you. 

1 // Tea lots and lots of tea. A very wise man aka my Grandad once told me 'Tea makes everything better' - and he was right. I don't know if it's comforting knowing your using a little tip from someone special or if you are getting a lovely, sugary hug from the inside. Twinings English Breakfast, very milky, two sugars is my all time favourite!

2 // Talk to someone, anyone. Yes I know we all have those 'don't talk or look at me moods' but honestly a chat from your best friend can perk up your day by miles. I know when I ring my best friend, I'll be laughing within seconds of the phone call beginning. Best friends are there to support you so USE them. It's their honour and duty. (Also mums work wonder too)

3 // I always find the easiest way to be a little perkier is by keeping yourself busy, like fully jumping head first into something, mine is normally baking. This way you forget what you were upset about in the first place for at least a few hours and by that time it's probably not that big of a deal anyway and you're over it.

4 // Films. I save my all time favourite films for two occisions, when I'm ill and when I'm sad. I would gladly watch them all day everyday but that would ruin them. Saving them keeps them special then they make you really happy, because you forgot how much Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks should be together in real life. My favourite film is 'You've got mail', it makes the sickest or grimmest days happy.

5 // Pets. Okay I am a crazy poodle lady, or pug lady when I am at my boyfriends. These guys are the real joy makers. If you aren't happy looking at your little puppy or kitty or whatever fury (scaly, fishy, sticky) friend you have, you really are not happy. Just trust me a hug from a poodle can mend thousands of broken hearts. If you don't have a fury friend here is an alternative - Virtual Poodle!

I hope my little tips of happiness make you smile. I know that they won't fix anything but they will help it be easier for a little while! You should remember that whatever is making you unhappy can be changed. It  might be hard, it might be easy. But do it. Make yourself happy, it's no one else's job! 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Holiday Blues

Well I have been one busy bee this past month! It is only the 20th and I have managed to squeeze in a holiday, with my lovely boyfriend and his wonderful parents and got to uni settled in and completed freshers round 2! All I have to show for it is a faded tan and a sore throat.. and shed loads of instagram photos. My holiday was so gorgeous and such a lovely break, the heat made it almost impossible to do anything but sit on a sun bed all day... if I must!  Here is the holiday from my phones point of view.

 / Flying above the Clouds / Beach bag at the ready from Zara / This view?! /

/ Palm Tree and Me / Such a lucky lady with this one / polaroids are my favourite /
/ Such a happy holiday / Moody Ballerina - Last night / Homeward bound /

Holidays are my favourite, especially when I get to spend it with some of my favourite people!I like getting to know people better on holiday and making a shed loads of memories. For example I'll never be able to listen to yacht music without chuckling!!! Holiday like this are a kick up the arse to stop worrying over little things and start living in the moment with people you wouldn't change for the world! 

 If you want to see more about our holiday / Scotts all round amazing photography, go to (P.S He has just come back from the most amazing road trip and his pictures are bloody flawless! Tell me if you like them in the comments)

Also Follow us both on twitter for more 


Monday, 25 August 2014

Primark Pjs: Unicorn Love

I'm going to let you into one of my guilty pleasures, Primark sleep wear. Yes, I cannot get enough. It has got so bad that my boyfriend has banned me from buying anymore slippers!! The shame. However the other day I sneaked this beauty that I had to share with you!!! In life there are three things that I love, sleepwear check, unicorns check, slogan check. Oh hey, I have found perfection in a small bundle of Primark joy! (Insert love heart emoji)

I honest don't know how to type about them or express my love apart from  shouting 'LOOK AT THEM'. A perfect dosage of cute and subtle sleep wear. I honestly am so excited to sleep in them - I feel like I'll have my greatest dreams in them - hopefully about Ryan Gosling and unicorns. I cannot wait to run round uni with my unicorn bottoms!

The quality is really good, the top looks sturdy and the to stitching doesn't look like it will go anywhere, and the shorts are so so soft and the little pink lace detail at the bottom is the final straw. You must get these! I forgot the best bit, they cost me 8 english pounds... thats it! In Topshop they would be 80!

Okay I feel like I have ranted and raved too much about unicorns on such a mature blog such as my own - not. Hope you sleep tight tonight lovelies! 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Introduction: Catfish and The Bottlemen

I am nineteen now and still my little brain hasn't quite gotten the idea of 'like'. By this I mean I either love something or hate something, there is no in between. When it comes to music this becomes more apparent than ever. But whilst at a festival (Y Not) I found a love, during a horrific down pour, my ears met with one of the best bands I've heard in a long time. 


Catfish and The Bottlemen, leave a lasting impression not just because of there unusual name, but because of there raw indie-rock that hasn't been heard in a long time. It's almost like it's effortless for them and that is something refreshing after so many try-hard hipster bands are in the market. They are probably the best thing to come out of Llandudno since.. well ever!

They don't have the most extensive discography, but they don't need it. Each song delivers what is to expected from a top class band and none fail to go under the radar. 'Fallout' appears to be the most popular, with perfect vocals and lyrics that won't easily leave your head. This is the song is an example of them stripping the indie genre back from beards and snapback and shows it in its purist form. Strong guitar throughout, none stop drumming, all you need to make a brilliant track. Listening them it's like they're saying fuck it to the industry this is them and they won't change for a label or for fashion. Thats respectable and how all bands should be. 

Also side note, when I saw them live, they were so so humble, a band that say's 'Thank you' a mythical creature theses days. It's nice to see a band getting all the recognition they deserve and being so grateful for it. Lovely lovely lads! 

I'd start off by listening to Cacoon, as it is my personal favourite, move onto to Fallout, Kathleen, Homesick and end with Rango. Then simply repeat, they have been play in my car since. I have my ticket to see them in Liverpool already!

 Follow them on twitter
Pre-Order their Album 



Thursday, 21 August 2014

Re-Styling Demin Shorts for Autumn

It has started to become very apparent that it is no longer summer! But I refuse just yet say good bye to summer clothes, in particular a little pair of shorts, the perfect pair of shorts! I only found them about a month ago - that is not enough time together! I refuse! So I have done a little post on how I would style up these little beauties for the cooler months ahead. (Note: I would begrudgingly put tights with these but with a very stroppy face!)

Look One
There is nothing I love more than thick patterned T-Shirts,  they are my one true love! Especially when they have a baseball sleeve! These are so so so perfect to have in, not only do they go with my shorts they go with jeans/shirts of any colour, tucked in, tucked out, its so versatile! I add a little bit of gold with this necklace. And everyone knows a chunky necklace finishes an outfit!

Look 2
This is my favourite, you cannot go wrong with a netted jumper. They are cosy but still show some skin to show you are not ready to bid good day to the sun yet! This is a perfect back to school look, looks effortless chic - Which is what we all want! Also my go to colder sent is lady million, it smells so warm and cosy. Bye bye Floral scents!

Look 3
Nothing says 'it's getting colder' than the addition of red tartan! I have become obessed with these gems, tucking them in, leaving them up buttoned, chucking it around your waist, I lived in it at the festival I went too! I think I'll live in it in the colder months too! It is a perfect extra layer to cheap to cosy!

So troops, hot chocolates at the ready winter is coming (totes misquote of Game of Thrones) Let me know how you would style summer stuff! I would love to see!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Face Favourites: Bases

An old proverb states 'One will never be satisfied with their own foundation and will have to beg borrow and steal every single one until happy' or something like that! I struggle with foundations, I want a light foundation with coverage... hmmm #firstworldproblems! But, light at the end of the tunnel I have been loving my current face base, including the perfect concealer duo!

So foundation first, I have never used any smash box before, boy I have wanted to but just couldn't decide that I wanted. I bit the bullet and went for this 'Liquid Halo', very very sheer! It has been gorgeous for summer, with freckles still peaking though! This shade is 1, which is a little bit too yellow for me but blended out with bronzer on top it is perfect! It has SPF in it which is a bonus for any of you late holiday bunnies like me, and is oil free, so wont slide off your face. As always, I use a Real Techniques buffing brush - so so perfect for liquid foundation, I have never had a brush that does a better job!

Okay on to the real deal, this concealer duo! I have been a fan of wake me up for a while now, as the finish is just enough, I found the infamous Collection 2000 to get a little too cake-y for my liking! This is perfect balance of sheer and covered! But some days, where little to 0 sleep has been happening, I have been going to an old fave of mine! No7's stick concealer, this is heavy duty stuff, it's literally a 12 hour sleep in a tube! This is going to my little god send when I go back to uni!

Another massive thank you for sticking with my blog through my absence and reading the first post of a new blog era! Hopefully there will be more to come!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Over - I'm Back

I seem to have forgotten how to start my blog posts it has been that long! Apologies on that front, I just got way too busy, life happened. So instead of letting my blog suffer, I thought it would be kinder to have a summer holiday! I am back with a little re-vamp, and this will hopefully not need a tidy up in a long long time - currently loving my logo eep!  

I've missed have missed blogging! I am hopefully going back into posting things for you ASAP (hopefully new things tomorrow) I am going to try to be posting Sunday - Thursday (I was not made everyday blogging phew) but at first there might be a little longer between posts or maybe a week of posts to say sorry?! 

Hope you have all had a fabulous summer, do tell me what you've been up too in the comments! Thank you for sticking with me through my 'holiday period' - bad blogger bad! 

Edit: There is new stuff tomorrow, so please keep your eyes peeled! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Must Haves

The weather in England has been well and truly beautiful for a good few weeks and have firmly put into summer gear now - I think it will be a shock to the system when all this lovely weather comes to and end!

So I have finally made my summer must have list - I whittled it down to solid 6! These are my favourite things of summer!

+ Summer I am all about simple, what ever you can cut down or de clutter do it! Apart from sunglasses, if you're going to hide those pretty eyes, you have to wear a bloody good consolation! I say the bigger the better, hide those dark circles for one yes! These Topshop ones are my fave - Here 

+ All white everything. Yes I'll say it, white is the new black! I mean serious, anything that is white is perfect for hot weather, not only does it make you look more tanned, it is cooler so you don't have any hot flushes! I am also OBSESSED with halters - but please put cream on no one wants a funky tan line! Forever 21 do an amazing one - Here

+ As soon as chunky sandals came into to fashion, I was hooked! They are perfect - Simple, but still adds something to an outfit! I love anything that makes you walk taller! These River Island ones can take you from pool to part easy! - Here

+ My number one rule of summer is fake it! No one wants to spend summer waiting to get tanned, you want to be out going on adventures and making memories! So fake it! This Rimmel one is fool proof I have used it for years and I love it! - Here

+ Bronzed skin glowing skin and nude lips, is my go to summer look. Simple and polished, in the words of bey you want the 'wake up flawless' look! Topshop Pillow talk is the best one for this! I am in love I find it so hard to find nudey pinks and this is gorg! - Here

+ Last but not least, dainty details. I think you can go two ways in summer, lots of rings and necklaces or little! There is no in-between - I have had my eye on this daisy ring for months is super pretty and my favourite flower - Here 

Phew! There we have it my summer must haves - if you have anything you have to have please tell me in the comments below!

xx E


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Updates + Exciting News

Oh my Gwardddd! I am such a bad blogger - for real! I abandoned ship for a little while well I am back!

For good, no excuses!

I have really missed my little part of the giant world wide web! Hopefully you will all forgive me for the few weeks i've been a bit hot and cold with the blog! I have been seriously busy - kinda! I started a lil job helping my dad in work, which I have been spending most days at, and as one who is not used to getting up at a normal time and working 9 - 5! I have crashed at night time - Dolly Parton eat your heart out! Also my favourite boy came home from Cornwall so I have been trying to spend time with him, which is super lovely and so nice to have him back 20 minutes away instead of 6 hours! So there is my super poor excuse to why I was such a bad bogger - ooops!


Exciting news, I will start updating everyday with new and hopefully exciting content (fingers crossed), Scott being home also means I will have a super duper photographers help now! I have lots and lots of ideas in my head that I cannot wait to show you all! Also a few new features that I am super excited and loving in my head right now! I am currently having a mess around with my layput to try and get it to look and work amazing for you! Plus I will also be telling you my teapig winner tomorrow yay! It is all go in Effys Space!

Lots of Love

Alsoalsoalso.... I would like more thoughts and feedback on my blog so if you could fill out this short form here, comment below when done and I will be doing a secret giveaway for all those who answer! Shhhhhh!


Monday, 16 June 2014

What the EFF is skinny fat!?

I kept hear this phase go round and round and I just ignored it as some health fad that will probably fade! Nuh uh! This is the real deal, the golden nugget! Skinny Fat is serious! 

I was reading about it one day and suddenly it dawned I was skinny fat - Gasp! So let me get you up to date on the skinny fat deats! Skinny Fat is where you have a normal BMI but a large amount of fat percentage in your body, meaning you look skinny but when touched hands go on fat before they go on muscle! Totally not cool! I always moan about this and people are like oh no your skinny stop thinking like that! I mean thank you but I really needed this wake up call! Just because someone is slim doesn't mean they're healthy- far from it! 

I know I'm one of those lucky people where I can eat and eat and eat and not really put that much weight on, this has changed over the years and blooooody hell its a shocker.  You eat crap, you feel crap, you start to look - not what any one eat! 

I was trawling the internet to find out how I get myself out of the skinny fat club - surprise surprise there is one - eat well - drink well - exersise well. Health is not rocket science! 

So good by Skinny Fat summer, hello healthy toned holiday! 

If you have any questions on this be sure to let me know below! 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope you all spend some quality time with your dads today if you are luck to be with him! If you are not I send my thoughts and wish you still a very happy sunday! Whether with or without, I hope you have a beautiful day full of happiness and smiles! 

'A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be'

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! 



Saturday, 14 June 2014

How to Survive the World Cup As a Football Widow

I am officially a widow. I'm a football widow for the next month!

 If you are on of the unfortunate ones who doesn't live under a rock, you will no doubt know the world cup is upon us! DO not get me wrong I love things like this, but girls you have to face it till the 13th of June you will struggle to get your mans attention - I am counting down! I also think 3 matches a day is a bit excessive! You can see FIFA is run by men EY! So I have come up with the perfect guide to survive the World Cup, with out the man shape being with you!!

+ Shove a face mask on
Finally time to put the scariest looking mask (I'm looking at you sheet masks) on without anyone needing counselling after seeing you!

+ Widows Night out
Get your girls together, get in your 4 - 4 -2 formation and throw some free kicks on the dance floor! - I clearly have no clue about football!

+ Watch the Players Match
Football is a cultural experience that should be shared! I am really looking forward to watching France I must say!

+ Coincidentally wear your prettiest underwear
Ooops!! I forgot these were your favourite babe! - THIS IS FOR DESPERATE TIMES ONLY

+ Face facts
This comes every four years, let him have his fun! I am sure you have dragged him around Boots enough times for him to have a month in! So get the beers in and make his as happy as Larry!

Good Luck to girls everywhere, I salute you - We are the real Heros during the world cup!!


Sunday, 8 June 2014


I'm Eleanor Fearnley and I am an over-thinker.

Not just like I sit and think about for something for a while, I mean I sit and analysis every single thing until I find something to think about more, maybe for months. Unhealthy right?! I do it so often that I drive my mum and boyfriend mad, they tell me that everything is fine, I don't believe them. I make myself think that something must be wrong it can't be perfect!

Recently I have been doing some thinking - SURPRISE! And it hit me. What if everything is good? I'm the one making it bad. Everything is going so well and I am the one ruining it! I needed to find a way to stay in a positive mindset and stop dwelling on tiny details that won't matter in a few weeks or even a few days! So I came up with a five step guide to stop over-thinkng taking over your life.

These small steps will make a big change to the way you think and the way you act! You don't have to over-think. The people that don't are probably much happier and have less worries!

I hope you try these steps and find them helpful!



Saturday, 7 June 2014

Room Inspo #7: Clothes Rail

Don't even get me started on my love on clothes rack! The chicest thing I ever did lay my eyes on, they're so effortless but can make a room look so cool and put together! I like clothes rails that are full with seasonal essentials - in winter I like to see them full with fur, hats, jumpers and in summer I like denim shorts, flower crowns and kimonos! You can change your room for the season - PERFECT! 

It is like waking up everyday and shopping what you have in your closet! Shopping without spending money, oh hey heaven! They are really affordable, I just bought a beautiful one from ebay for under £25! I have seen them all over the place for really good prices! So it is a cheap way to make your room look a little bit chic! I love when people put fairy lights or flower garlands round them! I love love love them!! ( lamest thing to love - I need to go to home decor rehab ) 

Hope you had a good saturday! 



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

review | flamingo in a teacup

Okay, let me begin by saying if how fabulous is the name of this shop? Bravo! That alone had me sold on the shop, the quality and loveliness of the products were a huge bonus! I am seriously impressed with this shop and I am so glad I can share it with you! 

Amanda was nice enough to send me a few samples to review, I was given a beautiful teacup brooch and this amazing necklace. I mean come on? It is adorable. The store marries my three favourite things, shabby chicness, vintage and of course tea! I am a great believer that where there is tea, there is hope, so I will enjoy wearing this and remind myself that everyday! 

The quality of the necklace is lovely, the chain isn't too flimsy so wont break and the charm cute and the purple bead really looks beautiful, I am a sucker for a pop of colour on jewellery! The brooch is so kitsch, and made of really nice material! I think this would look perfect on a plain winter coat to add a pop of colour on it! 

I think these two items would be amazing as gift, if you know a vintage lover, they are really affordable!  There is so much choice in the shop, rings, hair pins earrings. You can really see how much effort and love that is put into this shop! Which is always nice to see!  

If you love this as much as I do find the shop here - 

* I have been sent these but all opinions are my own * 
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